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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A projector symbolizes that you have a strong intellect which brings with it the gifts of absent healing, projection and hypnosis.

Projecting your mind onto others can be used to good and bad effect. It is very useful in marketing, sales and teaching. Be careful not to think badly of others, as your negative thoughts can have a negative effect on them. Whether you believe in karma or not you will bring it on yourself for doing this.

Hypnosis is achieved by the practitioner projecting their mind onto their subject. This is regardless of other tools the hypnotist may use to distract their subject. It is their mental projection onto the mind of the subject that makes it work.


A propeller is part of an engine and as such symbolizes your heart and, in particular, means that you are too analytical or logical - a propeller head. Come down from your head and get in touch with your feelings.


To dream of a prophet means you have the gift of prophecy and can foretell the future. This does not mean you will foretell the next messiah – rather you can predict the future for yourself and others.

Prophetic dreams

If you have prophetic dreams it means that you are prophetic in reality. You can predict the future for yourself and others. Prophetic dreams predict exactly what will happen. Dreaming of an uncle dying just before your aunt dies in reality is not a prophetic dream. Prophetic dreams can be vague but not inaccurate. Most importantly, prophetic dreams have a strong feeling associated with them that pervades the whole dream. If you have prophetic dreams you will already be aware of this feeling. Any dreams that do not have that feeling can be interpreted as per this book.

Segments of your dream can be prophetic. For instance, knowing what is going to happen next in a dream indicates you have the prophetic gift. You are using your ability in your dream because you do not use it enough in your waking state.


Protecting yourself in a dream is pointing out that the effect of some negative situation is causing you to protect yourself. This protection comes at a price, and the dream is asking you to deal with whatever caused you to be this way. For example, a dream where you are crouching down protecting your three year old son, says that you are protecting your inner child from an event that happened at age 3. Now is the time to look back at this and do whatever it takes to eliminate the negative effects that you still carry with you today.

Protective Armor

Protective armor indicates that you do not allow others to get close to you. This is always about your heart and emotions. The idea is that by keeping people at a distance you cannot get hurt. The dream shows you this, to ask you to open up and allow others to get close. It is not healthy for your heart if you suppress your feelings over a long period of time. Ideally you are open and honest about your feelings both to yourself and to others.


To dream of a psychic means you are psychic in reality. A psychic connection comes as an inner knowing.


Pubs symbolize social contact as going to one is a social occasion.

Getting drunk in a pub indicates repression of feelings, as drinking alcohol inhibits your sensitivity.

Pulling pints

Pulling pints symbolizes your heart, circulatory system and emotions. Your heart is the pump in your body and pints are pulled at a pump.


Pumps symbolize you heart, circulatory system and emotions. Your heart is your body’s pump. For example pumping air into the wheels of your car is healing for your heart, as both the pump and wheel symbolize your heart and pumping the wheel restores it to best functioning order.


Purple symbolizes nobility of purpose, spiritual leadership, spiritual teaching, regal power and authority in spiritual matters. It signifies you are a spiritual leader / teacher. Spiritual leadership works through empowering others to be able to face their own challenges and works through female energy.

Purple is the color of the crown chakra which is associated with spiritual understanding. Purple has long been associated with leadership, royalty and religious dress. In Roman times only leaders and boys under 17 years old (potential future leaders) were allowed wear the color purple.

Mauve indicates endurance.

Lilac indicates responsibility. For example, to dream of women exercising in lilac leotards tells you it is your responsibility (lilac) to develop your emotional expression (women exercising).

Indigo is the color of the brow chakra. This chakra is often depicted as the third eye and in dreams indicates you are psychic.

In a healing context purple brings spiritual peace, heals insomnia, tumors of the brain and calms highly-strung, excitable people.

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