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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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To dream of gold or anything that is gold in color indicates that you are a hands-on healer. This is the same ability Jesus uses in the bible to heal others. Hands-on healing involves channeling energy through your body and projecting that life energy into your client. Gold in your dream is also healing for your current illness. For example a hands-on healer with a throat problem dreamed of being given a gold neck chain. In ways like this, a hands-on healer symbolically uses their gift to heal themselves in their dreams.

Gold and brown as a combination is a request to view hands-on healing (gold) as practical (brown).


A goldfish indicates that you are a hands-on healer. Fish represent spirituality in dreams and hands-on healing is a spiritual gift. This form of healing is also known as spiritual healing. A problem being pointed out here is that you have no outlet for your work as goldfish are generally held captive in a fish bowl. Hands-on healing involves channeling energy through your body and projecting that life energy into your client.


Government in dreams represents your guides / guardian angels.


Graceland symbolizes the dharmic path. This is where you live in a state of grace - living your life in accordance with your spiritual path. Depending on your age, you may dream of the album Graceland by Paul Simon or Elvis Presley’s mansion. In both cases your dharmic path includes channeling as this is what music indicates in dreams.


Your grandfather symbolizes your father in a dream. Here the dream is telling you something about the nature of your relationship with him. Most likely it is a negative influence that needs to be dealt with.


Your grandmother symbolizes your mother and female side in a dream. For example, her dying in a dream asks you to let the negative influence of your mother die.

To dream of your sick or deceased grandmother receiving a transfusion and coming back to life, asks you to rediscover and nurture your female side.

To dream of your grandmother may also be telling you that you will make a fine parent – you will be a grand mother.


Grass, being green – the color of your heart chakra, is healing for the heart and circulatory system in dreams. In addition to being healing it links the dream to your heart and feelings. See Green for more.

Weedy grass or water logged grass symbolizes your blood stream is not being cleansed by your lymph system. This could be linked to toxins getting into your blood stream from your colon.


A grave in dreams can represent your digestive and elimination system. The color brown and the earthiness of the burial place are sufficient to indicate the digestive system. However, a morbid symbolic link exists because both the digestive system and a grave are used to receive dead meat.

Attending a funeral in a dream is about letting go of the negative influence of either the person whose funeral you are attending, a parent or other significant person of the same gender. This influence is holding you back from doing something that will help you develop in a positive way.


Green is the color of the heart chakra, so dreaming about it is healing for your heart. For example, dreams in the countryside where you are surrounded by green are particularly healing and are asking you to open your heart and share your feelings.

Green also indicates a need for adaptability or reconciliation with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Something is out of harmony and needs healing through balance. This can be aspects of yourself or could be between you and others such as your partner.

Dark green or green and black indicates difficulties with sharing such as jealousy, rivalry and envy - the green eyed monster. This indicates you need to balance male and female energies within, to avoid health problems with your heart. By becoming more giving, generous and emotionally open, you restore balance and provide healing for your heart, circulatory system and emotions.

Green attempts to harmonize opposites.  Dreaming of green pork meat, for example, means your body cannot digest pork. The dream tries to put the food in harmony with your body by making it green. In these cases always remove the food in question from your diet. Your body can not handle it.

Green can sometimes indicate you have a counseling ability. This is particularly true if a guide or guardian angel is wearing green in the dream.

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