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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Gas pump

A gas pump symbolizes your heart, circulatory system and emotions. It is a healing symbol for your heart. The connection to your heart is made because the heart is the body’s pump. Healing is implied as gas is a power source and as such indicates you have a power within that can be projected into others through hands-on healing.  In this dream, however, you are symbolically using your own healing ability to help your heart.

Gas Tank

A gas tank is a power source and indicates that you have a power within you that can be channeled into others in a hands-on healing fashion. This is the healing attributed to Jesus in the bible. See the chapter on Spiritual Healing in this book.

Gate lodge

A gate lodge, being a small house within the grounds of a large house is a perfect symbol for your womb. The womb is a place within your body where another person lives. You were once a lodger in your mother's body.

General Post office

A General post office indicates you have an ability to communicate with spirits. The older term for this is you are a medium but it is now referred to as being a channel.  A channel receives message from spirits and Angels in the spirit world and passes them on to their intended recipients. A post office is the perfect symbol for this as its purpose is to receive messages and pass them on to the intended recipient.


A generator indicates you are a hands-on / spiritual healer. Generators produce power and symbolize you having a power within your body that can be channeled into others through your hands. See the chapter on Spiritual Healing in this book.


Due to the rise of Nazism and their belief that the Aryan race was the purest and noblest, and due to two world wars, Germany symbolizes arrogance and a regimented way of thinking. As in all cases, this meaning does not hold if you are German. To the German reader this may seem offensive but ask any child in the developed world to tell you one thing they know about Germany and they will invariably bring up World War II.


Gifts in dreams are normally given by guides. Being given a gift symbolizes you were bestowed with a special gift at birth. The specific ability may or may not be indicated by the gift itself but it will be shown by other symbols in the same dream.


A giraffe represents an ability to see things from a higher perspective. From this higher perspective you can see the obstacles in yours and other people’s paths very clearly. The dream serves to diminish your problems as the way around them is clearly visible from the giraffe’s high vantage point.


A girl can indicate you at the age of the girl in the dream. This is true regardless of your gender. If you are male it means that there are issues with your mother / female side that were triggered at the age of the girl in the dream. If you are a woman it can be any event at that age around either parent.

A girl can also symbolize your female side needs development to maturity.

We each have both male and female aspects to ourselves. Dreams always encourage you to restore balance to this energy mix. In fact that is one of the main purposes of your life.


Glass (not a drinking glass) often indicates a strong psychic or intuitive ability. Glass walls emphasize this ability. Literally you have the ability to see when others can only see a wall. We don’t all see it as glass.

A drinking glass, or any vessel that can carry water, can symbolize your womb – a place where new life can develop.

To refuse a glass of milk in a dream means you had or have major issues with your mother. Symbolically you are refusing her nurturing milk.

A glass bottle symbolizes your kidneys.

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