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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Grey indicates being uncommitted, uncertain, having a 'grey area', depression or the mental denial of emotion. It is a common color in relationship dreams where you suppress your feelings. For example, dreaming of your fiancÚ wearing a grey wedding dress shows that you suppress your feelings. The problem here is that when you are not in touch with your feelings, you are unlikely to be aware of it. Only when you do a therapy to restore that connection will you have a frame of reference to know what the difference feels like.

Grey clouds can indicate depression, either present or imminent.

A grey fog indicates you cannot see your way from where you are now to where you need to go with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

Grocery cart

A grocery cart / trolley symbolizes your stomach. This is where you first place food that will end up in your body.


To dream of groups can indicate you are to work with groups as a spiritual leader / teacher. Spiritual teachers empower others rather than taking their problems away from them. Look for other symbols in the dream that indicate leadership such as a leader, instructor or someone talking with authority.

Groups can also be indicative of your body being packed with waste food. In this case look for other symbols that indicate the dream is about your digestive system, such as references to eating, food, tables, kitchens or bathrooms.

Lastly groups crowded in large rooms can be indicative of breathing problems.


A guard or guarding something indicates you are protective in some way, and the dream is asking you to let go of this security. The specific security mechanism is usually referred to in the same dream – for example if a security guard is trying to impress a group, it means that your security blanket is to aim to impress with your gift. This is not the way to approach the subject matter of the dream – be comfortable within yourself regardless of how others perceive you.


A guide symbolizes one of your guardian angels. They are often silent in dreams and indicate their message by what they are doing, wearing, or have with them. For example, if he or she is ignoring you it means you are ignoring your guide in reality. When a guide speaks in a dream they are infallible. Always take their message as it is.


Guinness, being black and white, indicates you have a tendency to see the subject matter of the dream in black and white terms. This comes across as being intolerant or extremist. You see others as either being with you or against you. There is no neutral position allowed. You need to be more tolerant.

Holding a Guinness in your hand means you are holding onto a black and white attitude. Read the description for Guinness above and ask yourself: “are you aware that you are doing this but still refusing to change?”


A guitar, like any musical instrument, symbolizes that you are a channel / medium. You can communicate with spirits.

A 6 string guitar shows that channeling is your way onto the path of dharma.

A 12 string guitar signifies guilt or a critical nature (12 people on a jury) is causing you to suppress your ability.


A gun is a sexual symbol in dreams and indicates a penis. There is the obvious connection with the shape and size of a gun but also the pun in having to cock a gun. It also shoots projectiles which symbolize ejaculation. For example, playing Russian roulette with your friends in a dream could indicate engaging in promiscuous sexual activity without a condom. In such cases you are not only having sex with your partner, but each of the partners he / she has slept with before you. Just like the Russian roulette in the dream, the more people that go before you, the greater the risk to your life when it is your turn.

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