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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A counter is about something you are accountable for. For example, to dream of magazines on a counter asks you to develop your counseling ability. People are counting on you to develop it. This is part of your life purpose and how you intend to repay your karmic debts and deepen your spirituality.


The countryside indicates emotions in a dream for two reasons. Firstly the countryside is a vast open space and openness in dreams is about being open with your emotions. Secondly, the countryside is mostly green and this is the color of your heart chakra.


Courts are where judgment is passed and indicates that you are judgmental with regard to the subject matter of the dream. You probably suffer most under your own judgmental hammer.


Courtrooms indicate you judge yourself harshly.


A courtyard indicates you are judgmental. A cobbled stone courtyard indicates your judgmental nature comes from past life influences.


The crab is the astrological sign for cancer and in dreams indicates a physical health warning. It does not mean that you have cancer and it is normal for everyone to dream of cancer from time to time. Your immune system is designed to detect cancer and fight it off. The same dream is likely to also show what is triggering the cancer and what needs to be done to prevent it.


To dream of a crane means you approach life from a logical perspective (high up in your head).

Bright yellow cranes indicate that you have an enlightened intellect and can use this to get a higher perspective on problems at hand or to improve your philosophy of life.


A crash can symbolize stress in your life. An airplane crash signifies a difficult birth – your arrival on the planet did not go as smoothly as expected. The event was traumatic due to either a brush with death or a negative emotional experience.

If you lost a child due to miscarriage or shortly after birth you can also dream of airplane crashes. For example, a woman whose baby died shortly after being born dreamed she witnessed a plane coming in to land flying too low. It passed just over her head and crashed behind her. The force of the gust from the blast knocked her over.

A small / baby car crashing into a bus can indicate you were an unwanted baby. In this case the bus symbolizes feeding at your mother’s bosom (bust) and picking up on her feelings about your arrival.

To dream of your partner dying in a car crash is indicative of a relationship which feels like the one you do not want to lose. It is a common dream for people who have had a previous difficult relationship. It does not foretell the death of your partner. Rather it shows your fear of losing them. The dream is showing you this fear only because it is affecting your relationship in someway. Do not put pressure on yourself or your partner because you think something will cause them to leave. Enjoy what you have now.

Credit Cards

Credit cards, because of their association with banks, are about balance of the heart and sharing of feelings. Credit cards normally operate where the credit card company gives to you first and you owe them, so in dreams they indicate that when it comes to sharing feelings with people or that special person in your life, you are behind. The dream is asking you to open up and share your true feelings. What makes you happy? What makes you sad and why? Do people know the real you or only what you choose to show on the surface?


To dream of a crocodile indicates that you are either too assertive (your bite is too large) or that you are losing a grip on things (losing your bite) - once a crocodile has a grip on you they will not let go. You know which applies to you. This dream is healing and intends for you to get renewed strength to regain your grip on things by healing your bite. You should be able to take a bite at life and only bite off what you can chew. See teeth for more.

A crocodile in a swamp represents your colon. Here the crocodile symbolizes a health warning so look to the other symbols in the dream to indicate what you need to do to prevent it.

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