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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Colors reveal a lot about the meaning of a dream. Look up the individual color to determine its meaning.


Communism in dreams indicates sharing of feelings. This comes from the ideal of communism rather than how communism has unfolded in communist countries. The communist motto shows the ideal, “Each one gives in accordance with his ability and each one takes according to his needs.”

Compact Disc

A compact disc, when full length, indicates you are on the karmic path. The karmic path is far longer than the dharmic path when it comes to increasing your awareness. A single release on CD indicates the shorter dharmic path.


Computers symbolize logic, the brain and conditioning. This is because computers are programmed using logic to repeat the same tasks over and over. The computer itself is analogous to the brain while the software that controls it symbolizes the mind.

Computer Bag

A computer bag represents conditioning that is holding you back. Computers indicate conditioning (they are programmed to repeat the same task over and over). Bags indicate baggage, which by themselves indicate conditioning from the past.

Computer Program

Changing a computer program or reprogramming a computer asks you to change your conditioned thinking or attitude towards the subject matter of the dream.


To dream of a concert means you are a channel. Music is inspired by the spirit world and in dreams indicates an ability to communicate with that world.


A conflict symbolizes you are at war with yourself or with others.


A cooker hob, because it is used to cook food, symbolizes your stomach and digestive system. For example, a dream showing milk boiling over and spilling onto the floor indicates an allergy to milk or dairy products. It also indicates anger (boiling) that needs to be dealt with.

An oven usually symbolizes the uterus due to the expression having a bun in the oven indicating pregnancy.


A copier reproduces copies of an original and as such symbolizes your reproductive system. To reinforce its symbolism the copier is often located in the bedroom in dreams.


Copper indicates you have a hands-on healing ability that works well for healing rheumatism.


Corridors are used to take you from one room to another. You do not remain in them for very long and as such in dreams they signify you are in a transition.


Anything that includes the word council, including a council house, council flat, county council meeting or council official all mean that you have a counseling ability.


To dream of a counselor means you have a natural counseling ability. Counseling works through your female energy and although it is a requirement to be trained officially in order to practice, it is not learned from books or tuition. It comes through living life on the outside always looking in at others, including your friends, and seeing their individuality and why they get on and what’s going on when they do not. From a young age, friends will automatically have sought you out for advice as they are drawn by your aura.

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