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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Cross country

Cross country is about opening your heart and using it to guide you in your life. Easier said than done but well worth the effort it takes to get there.


Crouching in a dream indicates you are protecting yourself in some way. This protection comes at a price and the dream is asking you to deal with whatever caused you to be this way. For example, a dream where you are crouching down protecting your three year old son means you are protecting your inner child from an event that happened at age 3. Now is the time to look back at this time and do what it takes to eliminate the negative effects that you still carry with you today.


A crow attacking or eating something is a warning of cancer. For example, a crow burrowing into your chest is a warning of breast cancer.

A crow sitting on a roof or flying to or from one indicates negative thoughts. A large crow flying overhead symbolizes depression.


A crowd standing in line or queuing symbolizes a slow moving colon.

An overcrowded room signifies your lungs as it is hard to breathe in such locations.

Placating a hostile crowd indicates you have spiritual leadership abilities.


To dream of a crucifixion means you are crucifying yourself unnecessarily. This self punishment and criticism achieves nothing regardless of what you feel you have done wrong.


Crying in a dream is healing as it symbolically gives release to pent up emotions related to the subject matter of the dream.


Crystals in dreams can indicate that you have a special healing ability that works through channeling energy through crystals. This is not a common ability and should not be taken lightly. Crystals have a natural resonance and greatly affect the energy around us and flowing through us. Using them the wrong way will not help a client.  However, if you dream of crystals you are being asked to use them for healing purposes.

Crystal is often used to mean something is crystal clear. This comes from the fact that when specific properties of quartz were discovered (applying energy to quartz causes it to vibrate regularly and compressing it causes it to release energy) they were employed in tuning circuits to lock-on to exact frequencies. The result was that receivers using crystal tuning did not drift and enjoyed clarity over other tuning circuits. In dreams this often symbolizes a clear connection with a spiritual ability.


A cull is usually indicative of your immune system fighting off a threat of disease. For example, to dream of killing young mutated animals in the wild indicates fighting off cancer in your body – cancer is mutated cells. The animals quite often are shown as young or not fully developed as this is the stage where you want your immune system to spot the threat and deal with it. Note, however, that the animals do not have to be young – once they are shown negatively it means the same thing. Black and white or menacing black animals mean the same thing. Overgrown animals also represent a threat and are good to kill in a dream.


Cupboards, like any large cavity in a dream, symbolize your lungs and respiratory system. This is especially true if the cupboard is described as being at chest level.

Customs Post

A customs post signifies you are ready to make the transition from one state of consciousness to another. This is especially true if you are asked questions by an official at the customs post. If the country or state you are moving into is bigger than the one you are leaving, your new state of consciousness is expanded. If it is smaller you are doing something that is limiting you.

It is common for the official to ask what you will work at in the new location. They may even suggest a career and a salary. If they do, the career and salary are symbolic of what you are being asked to do in order to develop your new state of consciousness.

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