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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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To dream of being on a holiday break is a request to take it easy and allow some healing for your body and mind.


Breakfast is a meal time so the dream is about your eating habit or your digestive system. The word itself comes from the two words break and fast so this dream could be a request for you to eat well and avoid dieting or skipping meals. Look for someone underweight or skinny in the same dream.


Breasts symbolize nurturing in dreams. For example, if a friend has exposed breasts in a dream it is a request for you to use your nurturing / leadership abilities in social settings.


A breastplate indicates that you do not allow others to get close to you. The theory is that keeping people at a distance prevents you from getting hurt. The dream shows this to ask you to open up and allow others to get close as it is not healthy to suppress your feelings over a long period of time. Ideally you are open and honest about your feelings both to yourself and to others. Your heart requires balanced expression to stay healthy.


A bridge is for spanning a divide and as such in dreams it suggests you need a reconciliation of different aspects of yourself. For example, dreams of bridges can be triggered if you are thinking of leaving work to start out on your own but are troubled by issues of confidence.

Bridges can also indicate reconciliation with others. In this case you are likely to know of the waking life issue and the person or persons involved. However, it is common to dream of the people with whom reconciliation is required. Sometimes the relevant person is shown in symbolic form. John dreamt he was trying to hurry across a rope bridge while meteorites were falling. His path was blocked by a man coming in the opposite direction. In this dream the man represents John’s father, a man whom John feels has obstructed his path in life. The dream is telling John that in order to move forward he must reconcile a clash of ideals (indicated by meteorites falling) with his father.

Bridges can also indicate a transition. While on a bridge you are neither where the bridge starts nor where it leads to. It is common for these dreams to occur when going through a transition between stages of your life or doing some therapeutic work on yourself that will lead to a positive outcome.

Lastly a bridge can indicate that you have a counseling ability. The first rule of interpretation is that you are everything in the dream. If you are a bridge your special ability is to help people span a divide which symbolically indicates reconciliation of issues whether with themselves or with others.


Brown being the color of earth indicates you need to see the subject matter of the dream as practical. It is common to see brown alongside spiritual gifts in dreams. Here the brown is asking you not to deny your spiritual ability. The gift is practical and you need to bring it down to earth. For example a brown church door asks you to create practical opportunities to include your spiritual aspects in your life on the planet.

Dull brown indicates negative materiality where you are too focused on earthly things. This unenlightened philosophy leads to a denial of spirit and ultimately depression. If a dull brown coat is worn by your father in your dream it means that you picked up your materialistic philosophy of life from him.

Brown can also indicate issues with your colon.


To be bruised in a dream indicates emotional trauma. While the trauma is likely to be in the past you are dreaming about it because it is still affecting your actions today.


Buddha symbolizes your spiritual level in a dream. You are either at an enlightened level of awareness or have the potential to reach that stage in this life time. Buddha is also particularly known for his spiritual leadership so it also means that you have that ability.


To dream of a buffet is a request to be selective about the food you eat, and to eat what is required to keep your body healthy. Don’t starve yourself. This is a common symbol for people who are damaging their body through excessive dieting.


Bugs represent things that are bugging you in reality.

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