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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A bulldozer, like any other earth moving machine, is about your colon and elimination system. This is due to the colon being the dirt track of your body.

Bunsen burner

A Bunsen burner, being a flame source, is about your heart and emotions. If the dream is highlighting a physical problem with the burner, it is about your physical heart otherwise the dream is focusing on your emotions and is most likely asking you to be more openly expressive.

Burger King

To dream of Burger King or any fast food restaurant is about the need to speed up your digestive system. It is a symbolic antidote to a sluggish digestive system with fast food. To emphasize the healing the dream will often place you in the drive through which provides faster fast food and is usually very brightly lit in the dream.

Burglar Alarm

A burglar alarm symbolizes your immune system. For example, repeatedly trying to reset a burglar alarm in your dream can indicate an auto immune disorder such as multiple sclerosis (MS).

Burial Place

A burial place indicates the digestive and elimination system. This is regardless of whether the burial place is for an animal, pet or human. The color brown (see colors) and the earthiness of the burial place are sufficient to indicate the digestive system. Any dream where digging into the earth / dirt is involved implies the dirt track of your body, which is your colon. However, a morbid symbolic link exists because both the digestive system and a burial place are used to receive dead meat.


Dreams including a bus are often about your life journey especially if it is a school bus.

The bus number is significant in commenting on how you are currently doing on your journey. For example, a number 17 is about your individual spiritual path, whereas a 47 indicates that you are limiting your spiritual journey.

Getting the wrong bus means you are being asked to change your direction in life. Again the bus number or the bus’s destination will indicate the specific change to be made.

If the bus does not go where it should or takes an unexpected route you are again being asked to take stock of where you are going in life. Is where you are going in line with what your dreams are asking you to do?

Getting off a bus can indicate birth through symbolically showing you enter into the world. The rest of the dream will comment on the circumstances of your birth and how it affects you today.

A bus stop is where a journey starts and ends and as such can indicate the beginning or end of your life journey or a stage of your life journey. This is not usually a health warning.

Being upstairs on a double decked bus indicates that you tend to rationalize decisions rather than follow your heart. Literally you live in your head, upstairs in your body. The dream is encouraging you to listen to your feelings.

Waves washing over the top of a bus indicate you rationalize, due to some previous emotional turmoil. The mistaken concept is that closing your heart and retreating into your head will protect you from similar pain in the future.

An open top bus is asking you to open your mind to new things.

To dream of a bus driver, whether you are the driver or not, means you have an ability to work with groups of people in a counseling or coaching fashion. Like the bus driver you can bring the group from where they are to where they need to be.

Waiting in line for a bus means you have a sluggish digestive system. Literally food is waiting in line in your colon instead of traveling at normal speed through it. The dream is asking you to do something to speed it up. For example, remove the foods from your diet that slow it down. The foods in question are often indicated in the same dream. See the chapter on Digest This for a complete description.

A bus can sometimes be used as a pun for bust and therefore be about how loved and nurtured you felt from your mother. For example, a dream where a Fiat Bambino car had crashed across the front of a bus told the dreamer that she wasn’t planned. From her mother’s perspective she was an accident that she was forced to take responsibility for. The dreamer, at age 45, was still affected by this reception at birth.

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