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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A bowl or any vessel that carries water can represent the uterus.

A mixing bowl represents the bowel because it is a pun on bowel and also because food stuffs are mixed in it. The foods being mixed in the bowl are indicative of foods you are being asked to eliminate from your diet.

A toilet bowl can indicate elimination. If, however, there are food items blocking the toilet bowl or visible in it, you are being asked to eliminate these food items from your diet. For example, a milk carton blocking the toilet would indicate the need to eliminate dairy products from your diet.

A cracked toilet bowl warns of potential damage to your bowel. Again look for food items being specifically referenced or symbolized using color and eliminate them from your diet.


A box, being a container, symbolizes containment or limitation. It is a specifically strong symbol of limitation as it also has four sides and a lid both of which also indicate limitation. The rest of the dream will indicate what has you boxed in.

A box, through English slang usage, can also indicate the womb. An egg box in this context would indicate the ovaries or reproductive cycle. Running out of eggs in an egg box indicates the end of your fertile period for having children.

A boxed gift indicates it is time for you to explore a new and positive aspect of yourself. Open the box (remove limitation) to discover the gift.

A person giving a boxed gift is a guide. Always heed the advice they give you in the dream.

Box room

A small box room at the end of a hallway can represent the uterus. Indeed any claustrophobic location can but this symbol is particularly strong because the hallway also symbolizes the womb.

Boxing Match

A boxing match indicates you are going through a period of conflict.

When a blow to the head is emphasized you are being warned of potential stroke. Look for other symbols to indicate the circulatory system.


A boy can indicate your male side or that you had issues with your father when you were the age of the boy in the dream. We each have both male and female aspects to ourselves. Dreams always encourage you to restore balance to this energy mix. In fact that is one of the main purposes of your life.


Dreams with car brakes normally have to do with the brake not working efficiently. This usually means that you are doing something that is blocking the achievement of your goals. You are either doing something counter productive or your fears are slowing you down from getting to where you need to be.


To dream of bread can indicate a number of things. Taking home the bread would symbolize your income. The rest of the dream is likely to be about how your career or a financial burden is affecting something else in your life.

Soggy bread or large amounts of bread indicate that bread is clogging up your digestive system. If you find you have an intolerance to particular foods it can often be due to eating something, such as bread, that slows down your digestive system. Once slowed down, other foods have time to literally rot and produce toxins in your gut.

Brown bread is the Cockney rhyming slang for dead and indicates this in a dream. Something else in the dream will alert you to what you need to change in your life today.

Toast bread also is a pun on death. In this case, however, the connection with the heart is established as fire is required to make toast. Look for other symbols to indicate changes you need to make.

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