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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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See Wood.


A woodlouse symbolizes problems with your digestive system. The blend of what you are putting into your body is allowing harmful bacteria and toxins (bugs) to develop in your colon. It is common in these dreams for the woodlouse to be crawling across a wooden floor.


A workplace symbolizes your career in a dream.


Worms indicate cancer or a threat of cancer. That being said, we all develop cancer cells from time to time and our immune system spots the renegade cell and destroys it. The occasional dream about cancer is nothing to worry about.


To dream of a writer or poet means you have a creative writing ability and are being asked to use this in your life, as a means of connecting with your inner core. Through writing, you will find your distinctive style of expression and expand your understanding of yourself. For example, to dream of writing mathematical equations means that through the deduction process engaged in while writing, you will expand your awareness of yourself.


You have a creative writing ability. See writer.

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