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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Windows give you a view from a house and as such can represent your eyes, your viewpoint or your outlook in a dream.

The room the window is in, or where it looks out to is significant. For example a bedroom window can represent outlook on your sexual identity. A kitchen window can represent your general outlook, if that is the room you normally sit in with a close friend when they visit, and you share a cup of tea or coffee. A window looking out to the front of the house can be about your outlook on the future. A window looking out to the back of the house or back garden can be your outlook on the past. A narrow window looking onto the back garden indicates you have a narrow view on the past or a restricted outlook due to your past. These dreams ask you to improve your view as a way of dealing with the other issues in the dream. Do not just choose to see what you want. Life will be better if you can let go of this.

Unusually large windows on a house indicate you are psychic / intuitive.

A bay window, particularly if it is in your mother’s house, represents the womb. Houses represent the body and here you are symbolically in a location in your mother’s body (her house) which extends out to the front – the womb. The dream is showing you how you are still affected today by something from far back in the past. Because these dreams are about being born they often include symbols that indicate something precious you brought with you on this life journey. It is something that, for you, gives expression of your soul and connects you to life.

If a dream refers to a room or vehicle with no windows it is again about being in the womb. The smallest place you have ever been with no view of the world. An elevator is a good example.


Wiring indicates your nervous system.


A woman in your dreams can represent a number of things. She can represent the woman herself, your mother, your female side - emotions, a guide, a healing agent or an aspect of yourself. If the woman is helpful and supportive she is a healing agent. She is called a healing agent because her purpose is to heal issues with the parent of the same gender - mother. She heals this symbolically by acting the opposite way to how mother was in reality. To indicate an issue at a specific age you may dream of a number of women behind you. For example, to dream of three women behind you indicates you picked up issues from your mother at age 3.

If the woman has a title, speaks with authority or offers a gift she is a guide / angel. Guides often take up a position in front of you just to your right or slightly elevated. A guide is the only infallible character in a dream. They commonly demonstrate their purpose by action rather than speaking. However, if they do speak always heed their advice.

If the woman is someone you know but do not have a direct relationship with, it is often to show you that you have the same trait that they are displaying in the dream or that they have in reality. For example, if the trait is confidence, the dream is attempting to boost your confidence with regard to the subject matter of the dream. It could also be a negative trait. If the person is always angry, it shows that you too have this trait and you are being asked to acknowledge it and eliminate it.

If the woman is your partner the dream is about your relationship and it is likely that all other events and symbols in the dream are a comment on it.

It is very common for a woman to stand in for your mother. In this case, like earlier, she is likely to be either healing an issue with your mother, or to demonstrate a trait that you picked up by copying her or due to your relationships with her. Usually the dream is asking you to eliminate this trait, as it is affecting you negatively with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

Women can also represent expression of feelings as your heart is governed by female energy. In fact difficulty with emotional expression is often connected to issues with your mother as it is through her unconditional love that you learn to love yourself and stay in touch with your heart. If this was lacking from your mother it will show up in your dreams. If mother put a price on her love you may dream of a woman sitting at a cash register.

A dead woman indicates that you are emotionally dead or cold. The dream is showing you this so that you may work on the issue and breathe new life into your heart.

A woman can also represent your female side. If you are having sex with a woman in a dream you are being asked to get intimately in touch with your female side. This is regardless of your gender. Your female side governs your philosophy of life, inner world, feelings, compassion and various spiritual abilities. If any of these are lacking, your dreams will encourage you to discover that aspect of yourself.


Wood, and anything made from it, symbolizes your colon due to the brown color. Most often a wooden table is the feature of these dreams.

Rotting wood indicates the threat of cancer of your colon.

A wood or forest also symbolizes your colon due to dirt trails through it.

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