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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Spine. See Stairs.


Stairs represent your spine in dreams about the physical body. If the dream shows a problem with a step on the stairs it is about a physical problem with the vertebra that matches the step number.

Going upstairs in a dream is about activating your intellect or your spiritual side. To tell which it is, look for other symbols in the dream about spirituality, the heart or intellect.

Going downstairs is about moving your consciousness down from your head to your heart to get in touch with your feelings. You are rationalizing too much with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Involve your heart in the decision making process. Ask yourself if your heart was fully in charge of the decision or the direction of your life what would you be doing now?

 Going downstairs can also be about your birth symbolizing your arrival on the ground.


A starfish symbolizes spiritual ideals or goals. Stars symbolize ideals and water symbolizes spirituality.


Stars represent goals and ideals. In fairytales the heroine wishes on a star to request help in achieving her goals! When pursuing something new we are often encouraged to reach for the stars to put our very best into it. Like stars our goals and ideals are something we always look up to.

Colliding stars represent a clash of ideals – often leading to depression. This is usually with one or both parents. The parent in question is given by the gender of someone playing a negative role in the dream. It can also be with someone close to you whose opinion or authority matters to you.

Falling stars indicate depression – your goals and ideals are falling down around you.


A railway station symbolizes the start or end of a phase in your life’s journey. For example, stepping off a train onto the platform symbolizes your birth.

A railway station master is responsible for the movement of people so indicates you are a spiritual teacher / leader.

A TV station or radio station indicates you are strong intellectually, an absent healer, projector and hypnotist.

Projecting your mind onto others can be used to good and bad effect. It is very useful in marketing, sales and teaching. Be careful not to think badly of others though, as your negative thoughts can have a negative effect on them. Whether you believe in karma or not you bring it on yourself for doing this.

Hypnosis is achieved by the practitioner projecting their mind onto their subject. This is regardless of other tools the hypnotist may use in their work. It is their mental projection onto the mind of the subject that makes it work.


A statue is a work of art and as such symbolizes ideals in a dream.

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