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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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South symbolizes your emotions – down from your head and away from logic. For example, driving south in a dream asks you to get in touch with your feelings with regard to the subject matter of the dream.


A spaceship represents your guides or guardian angels. Even if you believe in them, if the concept is any way strange or feels alien to you, they can show up in your dreams like this. The dream is asking you to let them make contact.


Spain and any other hot country indicate the need for healing. This is because the Sun in dreams symbolizes healing. This meaning does not hold if you are from Spain.


To receive penalty points for speeding or other driving violation signifies that something you are doing is incurring karma. Since driving has to do with pursuit of goals, are you pushing your responsibilities onto someone else or blocking them from pursuing their own goals?


A spider indicates childhood fears. If you have a fear of spiders or have witnessed anyone with it, you can understand that the fear is irrational. There is no way you are under any threat from the spider. The dream is pointing out that you have an irrational fear when it comes to the subject matter of the dream. You need to overcome this fear.


The spine of a book represents the spine in your body. Threads in the spine indicate nerves within your spine.


A spirit in a dream is exactly that – a spirit. If you can see them in your dream you have the ability to see spirits while awake. While this may sound scary, with a little education, it becomes a blessing. Since you can see them you do not have to take it on blind faith that there is more to life than what we can physically see. Seeing spirits in dreams is sometimes, but not always, indicative of being clairvoyant. It is highly indicative of being a channel but your connection for dialogue may be something other than clairvoyance.

To see the spirit of a loved one who has passed, or indeed a relative whom you never met in real life but is in spirit now, will indicate the same thing. Here, however, they will usually dialogue with you with an important message that needs no symbolic translation. It is common for many people to forget the dialogue when recalling a dream but the message that you can dialogue with spirits (channel) is clear. Why not start developing it today so you do not have to wait until you are asleep to talk to them?

Spiritual Leader

To dream of a spiritual leader indicates that you too are a spiritual leader. Spiritual leadership works through empowering others to deal with their problems. Should they find themselves in a similar situation they can deal with the problem on their own.

Split level

A split level floor in a dream is often used to indicate what you should step up to. You are being asked to aspire to what is symbolically represented on the raised part of the floor. For example, if a movie star is on the raised part of the floor, you are being asked to develop your channeling ability.

Sports Car

A sports car indicates you have a great power in your body (cars represent your body) and this manifests as a spiritual healing ability in your hands. Spiritual healing is what Jesus uses in the bible when he places his hands on people to cure them.

A sports car on the roof of a building also indicates you have a strong mind which gives you the ability to perform absent healing, projection and hypnosis. See Flying.

Sports motorbike

A sports motorbike indicates you have a spiritual healing ability. See Sports Car.


A square indicates limitation and restriction. A square has four sides and just like the number indicates being boxed in.


A stain indicates guilt – a stain on your soul. In spiritual terms guilt has no positive function whatsoever and just eats away at you.

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