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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A sink represents your elimination system. The taps symbolize your kidneys and the basin and drain symbolize your liver and bladder.

Sitting on the floor

Sitting on the floor in a dream brings you back to your childhood as that is when you used to sit on the floor.


Skeletons indicate the unusual ability of psychic surgery. Psychic surgery has two forms. One is where you place your hands physically inside the client you are working on and remove cancers, growths and blockages. In the second form you place your hands on the client just as you would for hands-on healing. In this form in addition to healing energy flowing into the client, it will also feel like spirit hands are working inside the client’s body directly under your hands. It literally feels like the clients skin under your hands is being massaged from underneath.

Skeleton hands ask you develop your hands-on healing ability. The dream is actually showing that you are letting this ability waste away.


Dreaming of someone skinny is most likely a request for you to eat properly. Are you skipping meals or dieting to lose weight?


The sky is something you have to look up to see and in dreams asks you to adopt a better view of the subject matter of the dream – look up to it rather than looking down on it.

The sky is often used in dreams to introduce the color blue. A blue sky represents your philosophy of life with regard to the subject matter of the dream and attempts to get you to lighten up. White fluffy clouds in a blue sky also heal a negative philosophy of life by restoring confidence (white) for the future. When the sun is prominent in the dream it is also very healing and encourages creativity (sun) in dealing with your current challenges. See blue for more.

Sky Scraper

Sky scrapers either symbolize that you are intellectual or the dream is about your spiritual (higher) development.


A slaughterhouse indicates self destruction.


Sleep in dreams is often about being asleep to the spiritual reality of your life. Do what it takes to learn what your individual life purpose is and take steps to achieve it.

Slow moving animal

Slow moving animals indicate you have a sluggish or slow moving colon and need to do something to speed it up.


Sludge indicates the state of your colon. Take steps to cleanse it through diet and other means. When your colon gets to this state, your energy levels quite often drop as your liver expends much energy detoxifying your blood stream.


Slugs indicate you have a sluggish or slow moving colon and need to do something to speed it up.

Smoke Alarm

A smoke alarm symbolizes your immune system.


A snail always indicates your elimination system and specifically that you have a slow moving or sluggish colon.

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