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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A ship represents your life journey. For example, being on ship in a storm watching a black wall of water head towards you indicates that something current, such as a career change, has you fearful (black) with regard to where your journey is taking you.


Shoes symbolize your approach to the subject matter of the dream. This is because it is best to wear the right shoes for the occasion whether it be work, jogging, dancing, etc.


A shop indicates your needs or responsibilities. In the western world we supply our needs through purchases in shops. This too is linked with responsibilities as obligations to yourself and others often dictate your needs and what you must purchase such as food and clothing for you and your children.

A jewelry shop indicates your spiritual gifts as they are the most precious part of your nature. You use them to repay your karmic debts. These dreams show you what gifts you have and need to develop.

A shop owner is a guide in a dream. Listen to what he or she is saying or encouraging you to do. In reality this is what your guides are saying you have a responsibility to do.

A shop window is often used in dreams to encourage you to adopt a better outlook towards the subject matter of the dream. Shop windows usually have bright and inviting displays that make everything look attractive.

Shopping cart

A shopping cart / trolley symbolizes your stomach. This is where you first place food that will end up in your body.

Shopping Mall

A shopping mall indicates needs and responsibilities. For example, to dream of hitting someone on the head with a plate in a shopping mall, warns you of the need to be responsible (shopping mall) when it comes to pushing your ideals (plate) onto others.


To shoulder something symbolizes a burden. For example, a dark cat on your shoulder indicates a burden of guilt (see cat).


Being a place of cleansing, a shower indicates the need to eliminate a negative influence in your life. For example, to dream of urinating in the shower while your partner enters and leaves the shower or bathroom is a request to eliminate the negative influence of your partner leaving you. It can also mean you need to eliminate (deal with) the aspects of the relationship that invade your personal space.


A signpost can indicate you are guide. In spiritual terms you have reached the level of awareness required to effectively help direct others on their path. You most likely attained this level before this lifetime.


The color silver always indicates that you have a strong intuition / psychic ability and you are being encouraged by the dream to use it. The encouragement to use it does not have to show up in the dream, but it can in any number of ways. Firstly by showing a problem you have in your life. In this case, the dream is asking you to use your intuition to guide your own path through the difficulty.

A silver chain is a very strong symbol and means that you are obliged to develop your psychic ability – you are chained to it. Most likely you are to use this to help yourself and to repay your karmic debts to others.

A silver tap would be simply asking you to tap into your own psychic ability.


A singer indicates you are a channel – you can communicate with spirits. Music is inspired by the spirit world. Many people who have near death experiences describe hearing harmonic melodies when they encountered other souls.

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