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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A road can symbolize where you are currently going in life. This does not necessarily tie in with where you think you are going!

Driving along a road indicates striving toward ideals / goals – getting closer to where you need to be. It can also symbolize moving forward mentally or spiritually.

A road alongside a river or the shore line is about your spiritual path. It is common in these dreams for the road to flood in places. In this way the dream is encouraging you to get even deeper into your spiritual quest.

A narrow road indicates a narrow state of consciousness with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

A dirt road symbolizes your colon – the dirt road in your body.

A main arterial road symbolizes your heart and circulatory system.

A dark road means you cannot see where you are going. This invariably means that you are unaware of the direction your actions are taking you. Other symbols in the dream will show why this is the case.

An endless road normally indicates the karmic path and more particularly being caught on a karmic cycle. Spiritually, this is where you live a life with the intention of repaying all your karmic debts. However, something does not work out right for you and when you review your life on your return to the spirit world, you discover that you either have not paid all your debts or that you have incurred others. The result is that you plan another life to repay your new debts! Your dream shows this happened to you at least once. The big question is how many times? The purpose of pointing this out is so you ensure you do not make similar mistakes this time.

Road Junction

Road junctions in dreams symbolize choices or conflict ahead.

A T-junction means you face a difficult choice that requires you to change the direction you are currently taking with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

A Y-Junction also indicates change but does not require you to change direction as much. The new direction will only be subtly different from your current course.

A crossroads indicates difficulty ahead on your path. You have to take care at a crossroads to ensure your movements do not collide with others.


To be robbed of your purse or wallet asks you to share your feelings with others and to expect that when you share your feelings honestly, others will not take advantage of you or belittle you for that.


Rodents indicate a threat of cancer. For example, rats under the cooker in the kitchen are a warning of cancer of your stomach (cooker).

A rodent or rat can also symbolize betrayal as in being ratted on.

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