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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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A refrigerator symbolizes your stomach as it is located in the kitchen (digestive system) and is used to temporarily hold food. See Kitchen.


To feel relieved in a dream asks you to relax with regard to the subject matter of the dream.


To resist in a dream means that in waking life you are resisting or stubborn with regard to the dream’s subject matter. The dream is asking you to change this behaviour.


Restaurants signify social contact and your digestive system.


Restrooms have to do with elimination. The elimination being asked for can be a negative trait, the effects of a trauma or the negative influence of someone in your life.

 When dreams focus on the physical toilet it is about your physical elimination system. For example, if the toilet is blocked with milk cartons it means your body cannot eliminate milk or dairy products properly so you need to cut down on dairy products or cut them out of your diet.

A toilet bowl symbolizes your bowel.


Revolution indicates a progressive health illness, such as cancer. To dream of resistance to a revolution shows your immune system is working fine.

A German invasion is often a pun on germs invading your body. These dreams normally occur just as your defences are successfully dealing with your condition.


A rib in a dream is usually a pun on something that is upsetting you – something is ribbing you.


Right in dreams can symbolize your male side, intellect or the future. When positive characters are to your right in a dream you are being asked to adopt their positive traits.


A ring symbolizes ideals or goals. For example, to dream of a gold ring asks you to set development of spiritual healing (gold) as a goal.


To dream of a river is a request to develop a natural flow to whatever spiritual aspect is the subject of the dream. It means this because water represents spirituality and rivers carve their own course to the sea. Spirituality is expression of your soul and in dreams is not connected with religion. The specific aspect is given by other symbols in the dream; however, you may already know what it is. If you are already practicing the aspect in question, it may be that you are blindly following someone else’s instruction when you need to put your unique stamp on it.

A dirty or polluted river is about your blood stream. Most likely something you are eating is causing toxins to get into your blood stream. Look for food symbols in the same dream. Dreams often show the color of the food rather than the food itself. For example, brown could indicate chocolate and white could indicate milk or dairy products. Recall what you have eaten in the last few days and look for something in common each time you have a similar dream.

A river bank is about your heart if the bank is green. This is for two reasons. The first is that banks represent the heart and circulatory system and the second is that the color green is associated with the heart chakra.

More often the river bank is muddy in dreams and this is about your colon. If the river is also polluted the dream is making a direct link between your colon / digestive system and your blood stream. If you are looking at something in the water such as baby crabs it is a warning of cancer of the colon. In these dreams it is more important to determine the trigger food and eliminate it or cut it down in your diet. Dreams of cancer are only serious if you have them consistently night after night.

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