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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Mountains can symbolize a number of things but are usually about the difficulty of your journey in life. Climbing a steep mountain, especially if it is rocky, indicates that your life is an uphill struggle and always indicates you are on the karmic path.

Being at the top of a very high mountain can indicate that you have reached a point in your life where you feel you can see where you are going. If this is not the case, in reality the dream is predicting that you will get there. This type of dream can also indicate you have the gift of prophecy, as you have such a clear view of everything around you from your high vantage point.


A mouse or mice symbolize a serious health threat, such as cancer. If the mice are eating a particular food or it is shown in the same dream, it is likely you are being told your body has a very low tolerance for this food.


Movement upwards in a dream indicates striving toward ideals or activating your spiritual side. It can also indicate mentally rising above a problem by activating your intellect.

Movement downwards indicates activating your emotions – moving your center of consciousness from your head to your heart. Through symbolizing movement from a higher vibration to the lower dense physical vibration, it can also indicate moving into your body and your birth.

Movie Star

A movie star indicates that you are a channel / medium. The words a movie star says in a movie are given to them. In a similar way the words a channel passes on are also given to them. The star asks you to set a goal of developing your channeling ability.

Movie Theater

A movie theater indicates expansion of life and is present in dreams where you are being shown how to make your life into the bigger picture that is meant for you. Long before television, the movie theater was the means for news dispersal and letting people know what existed in the world.


Mud symbolizes your colon in dreams.

Muddy Water

Muddy water or a muddy river indicates that toxins from your colon are getting into your blood stream.


To be mugged and have your purse or wallet stolen asks you to share your feelings with others and to expect that when you share your feelings honestly, others will not take advantage of you or belittle you for that.


This is likely a comment on your relationship with your Mum. See Mother.


Music or a musician in your dream indicates you have the ability to channel. You can communicate with discarnate spirits. If you accept that you are a body with a soul then communication with spirit is not so alien. It is merely one soul communicating with another.

Music Album

A music album, when full length, indicates you are on the karmic path. The karmic path is far longer than the dharmic path when it comes to increasing your awareness.


You are a channel / medium. See Music.


A mutation, particularly a mutated animal is a health warning about cancer. Everyone dreams of cancer from time to time. It does not mean that you have already developed the condition. Your immune system is designed to spot and kill cancer mutations. The same dream is likely to also show what is triggering this warning and what needs to be done to prevent it. Culling mutated animals in a dream is positive as it indicates your immune system is doing its job.

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