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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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This dream is a comment on your relationship with your Mom.  See Mother.


Money in dreams is about your heart and circulatory system. Money circulates in the economy and thus symbolizes your circulation. Sharing is symbolized through the constant receiving and giving of money. For example, an inability to share is symbolized by your wallet being stolen in a dream.

If the money is a price tag, it is a request to put energy into something. Lookup numbers to see what the price means. For example, to be asked for $3 means you are being asked to make a commitment to the subject matter in the dream.


A monk symbolizes your spiritual side. It indicates that although you may be operating in the secular world, you still have spiritual aspects to your nature. The rest of the dream is likely to tell you what ability you have that will allow you to deepen your spiritual understanding.


The moon has long been associated with psychic activity and in dreams means you are psychic / intuitive. It is a light in the dark of night and symbolizes your unique ability to shine your light in the dark. The silver color of the moon alone would also indicate this.


To dream of a mosque, synagogue, church or other place of worship means that the dream is about your spiritual side / idealism. Look for other symbols in the dream to indicate what you are being specifically asked to develop.


A dream including your mother is likely a comment on your relationship with her and how it is holding you back in some area of your life now. Dreams only focus on problems in your life. Although you may have had a wonderful relationship, there are still often traits or attitudes you copied, or an influence you allow that you could do without.

To dream of your mother dying is not a warning about her death. Rather it asks you to let some negative aspect of yourself die, so that a more positive one can find expression. The negative aspect is connected with your mother, and is one that you either copied or developed as a result of your relationship. It does not matter if your mother is already dead or you have not seen her in many years. It is the effect you are carrying today that is the target of the dream. Female energy is affected by your relationship with mother and allows you to forgive, lead, listen and therefore have two-way communication. It also shapes your philosophy of life and more. The dream can be about any of these.


A powerful motorbike symbolizes that you are a hands-on / spiritual healer. The power of the motorbike is symbolic of the healing power you can channel through your body.

If you dream of a powerful motorbike on the roof of a building it indicates you have a strong intellect.

A motorbike can symbolize your heart and emotions for several reasons. Firstly it requires balance, and balanced expression of feelings is the key to a healthy heart. Secondly, its large wheels (compared to a car) symbolize the heart, as do anything circular in a dream. Thirdly, the engine is the heart of the vehicle.

A powerful motorbike indicates you have spiritual healing power within you. You can use this to channel healing energy into others by placing your hands on them.

A powerful motorbike on the roof of a building also indicates you have a strong mind which gives you the ability to perform absent healing, projection and hypnosis. See Flying.


Motorways are the arterial roads of the road network and as such represent your heart and circulatory system.

A motorway exit or off ramp, indicates a warning that something you are doing has the potential to end your life journey. The rest of the dream will comment on what it is and what counter measures you need to take. Death itself is inevitable, so it is therefore inevitable that you will have dreams like this. There is no need to panic about such dreams. Just take their advice and wait for your dreams to change.

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