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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Forests in a dream nearly always have to do with your colon. This is because paths through forests are typically brown, muddy or dirt trails and difficult to follow. Your colon is the dirt trail in your body.


Road junctions symbolize choices ahead. A fork in the road forces you to consider your path and change direction, but not by much. The new direction will only be subtly different from your current course. Essentially the dream is telling you to make a slight adjustment in order to move onto the correct path.

Fortune Teller

To dream of a fortune teller means that you have the gift of prophecy. Anyone with a title in a dream is a guide and whatever ability they have, you have too. Therefore you have the ability to predict the future. This is not a very common gift, even though public perception is that everyone who is psychic in any way can tell the future. The fortune teller may offer you a gift in the dream to highlight that this is indeed your gift.

Fountain pen

To dream of a fountain pen indicates you have a special writing ability. A fountain is a source, so a fountain pen implies that you have a creative writing source that you can tap into.


A fox symbolizes a threat of cancer in your colon. Do not be immediately alarmed. We all develop cancer cells from time to time and our immune system deals with it. Health warnings become an issue when you persistently have them in your dreams night after night.


France represents sexuality and sexual liberation. The sexual revolution started in France. The dream is asking you to be more open minded when it comes to your attitude towards sexual activity. This meaning does not hold if you are from France.


Sexuality. See France.


A fridge symbolizes your stomach as it is located in the kitchen (digestive system) and is used to temporarily hold food. For example, to dream of moldy bacon in a fridge shows that your digestive system cannot digest bacon properly. See Kitchen.

Front Door

The front door represents your vagina – the front door to the body by which someone can exit. For example, dead crows at the front door indicate a warning of cancer of the cervix. In this case the dream is also showing you that your immune system is successfully dealing with the threat.


Fruit symbolizes your reproductive system. Fruit is the ripened ovary, together with seeds, of a flowering plant. There is also the expression that your children are the fruit of your loins.


Attending a funeral in a dream is about letting go of the negative influence of either the person whose funeral you are attending, a parent or other significant person of the same gender. This influence is holding you back from doing something that will help you develop in a positive way.


A furnace indicates your heart and circulatory system. Symbols of fire are always linked with the heart. A furnace uses fire and also pumps water out to the extremities of a building and back. The pump and circulation are symbolic of your heart and circulation system.


Furniture is used to decorate rooms and as such indicates how you feel with regard to something else identified in the dream. For example, if the furniture belongs to a parent it indicates that the parent in question is the one influencing you negatively. The room being decorated can also qualify the subject matter. A bedroom is about your sexuality or sex, the kitchen is about digestion including what you eat and eating habits, a bathroom is about elimination, living room can be about the heart, and office is about the mind or career. The type of furniture can also qualify the meaning in the same way. Is it office furniture, bedroom furniture, etc?

Antique furniture indicates ideals. It is always good to have ideals and goals. However, if the ideals are not part of your life purpose and are hindering you in any way, your dreams will show this. Moving your parent’s furniture or furniture that looks like theirs into your house is a common theme here. A clash of ideals is indicated if you find yourself having to be careful not to hit against the furniture in the dream or find yourself moving it around looking for space for it.

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