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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Flying Saucer

A flying saucer symbolizes angels / guides. Anything circular can symbolize ideals / God and in this case the divine nature of your angels. Since they are depicted in your dream as extra terrestrials, it means that you have not come to terms with the fact that you have angels looking after you or that you are equal to them.


Food symbolizes your digestive system. Food items shown in a negative way, for example exploding or spilled on the floor, indicate food you need to cut down on or cut out of your diet. For example, removing soggy milk cartons that are clogging the toilet indicates that your body cannot properly eliminate dairy products.

Food being served by a waiter, indicates you are a spiritual healer (hands-on healer) as food is the energy source that sustains us throughout our lives.


A football symbolizes ideals and goals. In dreams anything circular or spherical symbolizes this. A circle, like God, has no beginning and no end.

A football game symbolizes how you pursue your goals in life.


A forecourt is a pun on court and symbolizes that you are judgmental with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

Foreign Country

A foreign country symbolizes expansion of yourself when the country in question is larger than the country you are moving from in the dream.

Some countries have specific meanings and indicate what is required for this expansion. These symbols only hold if you are not from the country in question. If one of your parents is from that country it may also change the meaning of the symbol. It all depends on how you view the place in question. The meaning ascribed to foreign countries comes mostly from the predominant view held by historians writing about them.

The reader from a particular country listed here may find the meaning ridiculous or offensive. On my courses where I teach dream analysis, nobody from Ireland has ever gotten that it symbolizes resolution of conflict although every non Irish person sees it immediately. It will be the same for the country you are from which is why, for you, the symbolism does not hold.

Moving to another country signifies a change in consciousness. Generally you want to be moving to a country that is larger than the one you are leaving as this would indicate an expanded consciousness.

Africa, being the origin of the human species, is about getting to the root of the subject matter of the dream..

Canada indicates an expansion of consciousness through dharma. This is often referred to as living in a state of grace and is the way Jesus proposed we live. On this path you choose what you know will be spiritually beneficial to you and not necessarily what is logical.

England, due to Oxford and Cambridge universities, represents education.

France represents sexuality. The sexual revolution started in France.

Germany, due to the rise of Nazism and their belief that the Aryan race was the purest and noblest, also due to two world wars, symbolizes arrogance and a regimented way of thinking. As in all cases this does not hold if you are German. To the German reader this may seem offensive but ask any child in the developed world to tell you one thing they know about Germany and they will invariably bring up World War II.

India indicates karma, as karma has been referred to as an Indian disease. Anyone who has ever been there will testify to the general attitude of the affluent towards those with nothing. Beggars are stepped over on the street with a general view that they must not be helped as it would interfere with their karma.

Ireland, due to the conflict in Northern Ireland, represents conflict with the potential for peace.

Italy, due to the passion of its citizens symbolizes your heart and circulatory system.

Spain or any other hot country indicates the need for healing. This is because the Sun in dreams symbolizes healing.

Due to the current peace process going on in Northern Ireland, to dream of it or Belfast can symbolize the need to resolve conflict. It can also mean that you and whoever you are in conflict with are polar opposites, like the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

The United States of America indicates an expansion of consciousness. Much of the Western ‘New Age’ movement has its origins in America. However, America is viewed by many non Americans as a very male oriented society and as such would also indicate being on the karmic path.

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