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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Wandering in a dream signifies you currently have no focus in life with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Set a goal to work through the issues that are holding you in this space.

War Scene

A war scene symbolizes conflict either within you or between you and others. It can also symbolize an infection your body is fighting, such as the flu. Quite often the army is German as a pun on germs.

An underground movement symbolizes a threat of cancer – a threat that attempts to overthrow the normal order (of your body).


A private ward in hospital asks you to develop your individuality.

Wash basin

A wash basin represents your elimination system. The taps symbolize your kidneys and the basin and drain symbolize your liver and bladder.

Washing Machine

In countries where washing machines are located in the kitchen they symbolize your stomach. The churning motion of the washing machine is symbolic of the churning nature of your stomach. For other countries the washing machine can represent anxieties – the need to cleanse attitudes (clothes).


A waste pipe indicates your colon – the waste pipe of your body.

A waste bin indicates your elimination system. If the waste bin is full of a particular food item, the dream is asking you to eliminate it from your diet or to seriously cut it down.


A watch is a symbol of your heart and circulatory system. You are literally being asked to watch yourself. If the watch is worn in an unusual place, such as your leg, it indicates that you have the potential to develop a circulatory problem there. A watch symbolizes this as it is a miniature clock. The connection is between ticking and the English slang usage of ticker to mean the heart.


Water can symbolize your spiritual side or life itself. It can assume the shape of anything into which it is placed. How the water is depicted in the dream says something about your spiritual side. Our spiritual side is quite often the most neglected aspect of our nature. Spirituality is expression of the soul and not to be confused with religion. Expression of the soul connects you with life and is your true essence. What gives you expression? Is it writing, poetry, playing musical instruments, dancing, teaching, helping others, etc? Do you know what it is and if you do, have you created space for it in your life?

Rain is about letting life in, and being caught in the rain in a dream is very positive. What the rain is hitting can be significant. For example, rain falling onto a car engine asks you to let life into your heart.

A river has a natural flow and has carved out its own path over time. This dream is asking you to be like a river and allow your spirituality to flow freely in the direction it must take.

A lake is a large body of water with no outlet. You are being asked to create an outlet for your spirituality. It is deeper than you think.

A canal is a flow of water whose path is controlled by manmade structures. This indicates that your spirituality is limited by conventional or manmade ideals.

The sea is the ultimate body of water. This dream can be about life or your spiritual life. Other symbols in the dream will refine the subject matter.

Shallow water indicates that despite what you may think, you still have room to deepen your spiritual side.

Watching others jump into water is a request to jump into life or develop your spiritual gifts.

A swimming pool is a body of water contained by four sides. This indicates that you limit your spiritual expression or flow of life.

Polluted water symbolizes toxins in your blood stream. These dreams will usually indicate what foods or drinks are causing the toxins to get there. You are being asked to cut them down or cut them out altogether.

Water running down the walls or leaking from the ceiling of a house or building is indicative of your body being dehydrated. This is common, particularly if you were drinking alcohol the night before.

Soapy water asks you to cleanse something. For example, washing red meat in the sink asks you to cleanse red meat from your diet.

Soapy water hitting your back is a request to cleanse something from your past. Deal with it and let it go.

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