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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Balance, heart, reconciliation. See Green.


To dream of a line of people symbolizes a sluggish digestive system in which food is literally queued or delayed waiting to move through your system. The dream is asking you to do something to speed it up. For example, remove the foods from your diet that slow it down. The foods in question are often indicated in the same dream. See the chapter Digest This for a complete description.


The lion is the king of the jungle and as such in dreams indicates that you are a spiritual leader. If the lion is threatening, it means that someone abused their authority over you and this is now distorting your view of authority. In turn it affects your view of leaders and causes you to restrict your leadership ability. Spiritual leadership is where you empower others to deal with their own challenges.

A lion behind you means you used your spiritual leadership in a former life. As such it is very natural to you this time around.

A pride of lions can indicate pride is limiting your animal nature.


A locker represents keeping things hidden or locked away. Opening a locker indicates dealing with something hidden.


A locket represents your heart due to its familiar heart shape.


A loudspeaker in a dream can indicate you are guide. In spiritual terms you have reached the level of awareness required to effectively help others achieve their life purpose. You most likely attained this level before this lifetime.


A LP record indicates you are on the karmic path. The karmic path is far longer than the dharmic path when it comes to increasing your awareness. Playing a 45 or single release or current hit indicates the dharmic path.

Lug Nuts

Lug nuts indicate your lymph system. Lug nuts keep a wheel safely on a vehicle and wheels indicate your circulatory system. In a symbolic way your lymph system does the same for your circulatory system.


Luggage indicates karma – baggage you are carrying from something in your past. This can be something from as far back as childhood or it could be baggage from a previous relationship or other venture. The dream will nearly always indicate how this baggage is affecting something you need to do in the present.

Losing your luggage or items from your luggage is actually a good symbol in a dream. It is a request to let go of baggage or past issues that you are carrying around. It doesn’t matter in the dream what is in the bags. The bags represent issues that are holding you back.

Your luggage being stolen is the same as losing your luggage.

Losing clothing from your luggage or clothing being stolen, specifically indicates that you need to let go of an attitude or role that you picked up from past conditioning.

Throwing away your luggage, throwing away items from your luggage or leaving luggage behind in a dream is even more positive as it means that you are consciously going through a process that is successfully resulting in the elimination of past baggage.

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