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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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An arrow indicates you are a counselor as it symbolizes helping someone find the direction they need to take.

Art Gallery

An art gallery symbolizes ideals or goals. For example, to dream of arguing with the male owner over a painting indicates a clash of ideals with your father.

Artificial limb

An artificial limb, such as an artificial right leg, means you are following convention rather than letting your natural abilities support you.

Astral Traveling

Astral traveling symbolizes that you have a strong intellect which brings with it the gifts of absent healing, projection and hypnosis. Quite often it is a request to rise mentally above a problem. See Flying.


An attic symbolizes your mind or brain in dreams.


Auburn, being a dark red, indicates frigidity. Red is the color of the base chakra and can indicate sexuality in a dream. Dark shades indicate fear so the combination shows fear linked to sexuality.


Your aunt, as your mother’s peer, symbolizes your mother and female side in a dream. For example, her dying in a dream asks you to let the negative influence of your mother die.

To dream of your sick or deceased aunt receiving a transfusion and coming back to life, asks you to rediscover and nurture your female side.


An author symbolizes you have a creative writing ability and you are being asked to use this in your life as a means of connecting with your inner core. As an author, you will find your distinctive style of expression and expand your understanding of yourself.


To awaken in a dream is very positive and symbolizes having your eyes opened to the reality of your life. This is invariably associated with reaching a level of spiritual awareness that puts you on track for achieving your life purpose.

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