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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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The most significant place in a hotel is the reception and in dreams they symbolize your reception at birth. Due to the normally receptive welcome in a hotel it is healing for your reception at birth. This is the most significant reception of your life, and how you were welcomed on your arrival can subconsciously control a lot of your actions and philosophy of life. The birth imprint is so indelible it comes up time and again in your dreams. As with many dreams bringing you back to birth, it is likely to also show the spiritual gifts you brought with you for this journey.


A house commonly represents your physical body with specific rooms, locations and items representing different parts of your body. A summary list is given here but each keyword, and many more, is described in greater detail separately under its own heading.

Attic: Mind, brain.

Back door: Rectum.

Balcony: Intellectual, rational.

Basement: Subconscious.

Bathroom: Elimination, elimination system.

Bedroom: reproductive system, sexuality, rest, meditation, astral activities.

Box room: Uterus.

Chimney: Heart.

Cooker: Digestive system.

Dining room: Communication, interaction, digestive system.

Floor: Elimination, elimination system.

Fridge: Stomach.

Front door: Vagina.

Hallway: Transition, uterus.

Hearth: Heart, circulatory system.

Kitchen: Digestive and elimination system.

Landing: Transition.

Light / Lamp: Psychic ability.

Power outlet: Hands-on healer.

Stairs: Spine.

Toilet bowl: Elimination, bowel.

Wall: Heart.

Wallpaper in a Bedroom or Living room: Lining of the uterus.

Wallpaper in a Kitchen, Bathroom or Dining Room: Lining of the digestive system.

Windows: Eyes, psychic ability, your view on the subject matter.

Wiring: Central nervous system.

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