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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil, in a dream, indicates you can use your enlightened intellect to demonstrate new thinking to others. It is as if you are putting your hands inside their head and rearranging their thought process so that they absolutely connect with what you are saying. Of significance with Dr. Phil, is that he works with one person at a time even when dealing with groups, so you must address each client individually. The effects can be achieved very quickly and are lasting. See flying for more.


Dracula symbolizes absent healing and strong intellect. Vampires have the power of flight and as such they signify the same thing as flying in a dream. Since your physical body can not fly it symbolizes being able to project your mind onto others. This is quite useful if you work in marketing or sales but it also has a spiritual dimension. You can use your strong mind to influence how others think and to influence their health. It works along the lines of thinking yourself healthy, but in this case you can think somebody else healthy. This ability is best known from the bible when Jesus heals the centurion’s servant without ever seeing him. You are probably wondering why the vampire though. The reason is that while you can heal someone by thinking well of them, you can also negatively affect someone by harboring negative thoughts about them.  For those of us without this ability, it is not a problem as our thoughts do not affect others that way. In your case, however, dreaming of a vampire is reminding you that you have a special ability, and right now you are using it in a way that is sucking the life force out of somebody. You should know who it is already, and if you do not, then check how you think in general. Do you see everyone as a jerk and wish bad luck on them? The dream is reminding you of your power and that it is your responsibility to control it, or accept the karmic consequence. Oh yes, and please don’t think badly of me for telling you what it means!


A drain or drain pipe is about your elimination system. It can be the colon, particularly if it connects to a sewer. It can also represent your bladder.

An overflow drain pipe connected to a heating or water system is about the immune system. Here the drain pipe kicks in when required. This is how the immune system works. It is connected to the circulatory system and drains infection from it. You will notice this if you get a cut on your shin. A swelling bellow the knee at the back of your leg is where the immune system drains the infection.


A drainpipe indicates your colon or bladder.


How you dress in dreams indicates your attitude towards the subject matter of the dream as we dress to suit our mood or to suit the role we feel obliged to play (e.g. career). In the dream context, we are free to wear anything we want or to even wear nothing. How we dress, particularly the colors worn, can be very revealing. Old fashioned dress would indicate that you have adopted an old fashioned attitude towards the subject matter. This is most likely handed down to you by one or both parents. Being given hand me downs belonging to your father would be clearly showing you have adopted your fathers attitude.


The driver of a vehicle in a dream can indicate influences in your life, guidance, or spiritual abilities you have. Whether in a car or not, a taxi driver indicates you have a counseling ability that works well one on one. It means this because taxi drivers take you from where you are to where you need to be on a one on one basis. In the same way, a bus driver indicates you are a group leader / teacher.

If the driver is a successful family member the dream tells you to listen to their guidance – let them sit in the driving seat for a while. If it is a member with difficulties, a parent or partner, it means you are not following your own direction in life and are letting others push you around either consciously or subconsciously.


Driving along a road is about striving towards your ideals or goals as we use cars to take us from where we are to where we need to be. The dream can indicate movement forward mentally or spiritually.

If a police officer is charging you with drink driving it means you are being told drinking alcohol is affecting the pursuit of your goals. Similarly, a parking ticket is telling you that now is the time for action – set goals and pursue them.

To receive penalty points for speeding or other driving violation signifies that something you are doing is incurring karma. In the pursuit of your goals, are you pushing your responsibilities onto someone else or blocking them from pursuing their goals?

Driving towards a crossroads indicates difficulties ahead and the need to take care.

Driving alongside a river indicates your spiritual path, as water here represents your spiritual side. It is common in these dreams for the river to have flooded the road at some point. It is usually not dangerous in the dream. This is a request to let your spiritual development become part of your quest, or more precisely to use your spirituality in the pursuit of your goals.

Driving with family means you are carrying family influences which could be blocking you in the pursuit of your goals. For example, are you in the back seat or not in the driver’s seat? Not being in the driving seat symbolizes not being in charge of the direction of your own life. In this case the family member in the car, is there to represent the issue or trait that is holding you back. Although very unusual it is not always a negative influence. For example, if you dream of driving with a sibling who broke free from something that has affected both of you, the dream can be showing you that you too have to do what they did. Driving with someone can indicate you are carrying the influence of that person or a parent of the same gender.

To dream of driving over the line at a traffic signal or stop sign, when your intention in the dream was to stop, is a pun on overstepping your bounds in waking life. Whatever it is you have been doing recently, take a step back. It’s not good.

Driving on a highway or motorway is about your heart and circulatory system, as these are main arterial roads. The artery network of the body is part of the circulatory system.

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