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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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To dream of someone with depression is about your existing depression or a warning that you are heading towards depression. The same dream is likely to link the depression to a particular parent by featuring them, or to a past event through symbolically representing that.

Desk lamp

A desk lamp indicates an intuitive / psychic ability. However, desks are also used for writing, so look for other symbols that indicate a writing ability, such as a fountain pen.

A beautiful combination of symbols is where a dreamer discovers that a desk lamp is part of the arm from the elbow down. The most common desk lamps are very like an arm, with a joint in the middle where your elbow would be and a joint to control the direction of the lamp where your wrist would be.  This means that you have a creative writing ability that works in combination with your psychic ability. Use both together to compliment each other.


Diamonds symbolize that you are a crystal healer. Crystal healers channel energy through crystals to areas of their client’s body. By directing the crystal, energy can be channeled into or away from the body.


Diapers indicate your elimination system.


Digging to prepare a garden or grounds asks you to do the groundwork on yourself to move forward with regard to the subject matter of the dream. If the work is nearly complete in your dream it means that you have already done the groundwork and are now ready to proceed. That is a very positive indication.

Digging for buried treasure indicates you need to discover your spiritual abilities.

Digging your heels in shows that you are stubborn with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

Dining Room

Dining rooms signify communication and interaction in dreams. In general we share how our day went, when eating meals there.

As a place for eating, a dining room can also indicate your digestive system in health related dreams.


Dirt indicates your colon needs cleansing. Your colon is symbolically the dirt track of your body.

Dirt Road

A dirt road or dirt track indicates your colon. Your colon is the dirt track for waste matter in your body.


See Dirt.

Disembodied voice

A disembodied voice in a dream is always a guide / guardian angel. If you can remember what they said follow their advice. They are infallible.


To dream of a doctor means you have a healing ability. However, in dreams, this means you have a hands-on healing ability like Jesus practices in the bible.

If a doctor is reluctant to do healing it means your immune system is repressed or slow to act in the way it should.

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