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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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Car Park

A car park symbolizes you have a choice of roles or attitudes with regard to the subject matter of the dream. For example, to dream of parking your white car and choosing a cream one asks you to drop your controlling nature (white) and adopt a more tolerant one (cream).

Car unlocked

To dream of your car unlocked is a request for you to go ahead and let your guard down. If things are stolen from the car, it shows that you expect to lose out if you are open. If the dream shows nothing was stolen it is much the same and shows you that you will not lose out if you open up.


A carriage such as a train carriage is usually a pun on being in the womb. As adults not involved with psychology or therapy, we can find it difficult to believe that we have any memory from that far back in our life, but we do. We perceive with more than our brains, particularly when under 2 years old, and can carry emotional scars from the womb if we nearly lost our life through a miscarriage or felt unwanted or were threatened with abortion.


Cash can be indicative of the amount of energy you are willing to commit or being asked to commit to the subject matter of the dream.

Petty cash often indicates that you do not value the subject matter of the dream. For example, to dream of a silver box with petty cash inside, says that you view intuition (silver) as petty or that the information you get that way is petty. Hardly worth sharing because it is of no real value. You need to place a far higher value on your ability.

A woman at a cash register indicates your mother placed a price on her love.


A castle symbolizes past life influences, given that it is unlikely you live in one now! It can often mean that your attitude towards the subject matter of the dream is out of date.


Cats often indicate your gut or stomach. Cat gut is used for many things and we also have the expression my stomach is cat. In these dreams, other symbols for the digestive system will often occur such as dreaming of a cat in the kitchen, references to biting or the mouth or references to particular foods. As with most animals the location of the cat is most significant. Kitchens always indicate the digestive system as a kitchen is linked with eating and food preparation. A cat being eaten by a snake or being chased by one is a warning of stomach cancer. A cat climbing the wallpaper or scratching you is indicative of acid reflux.

Cats, especially if black, can also indicate guilt due to the fact that the cat-o-nine-tails was used on ships to purge sailors of their sins.

A cat in the bedroom or scratching a bed post would indicate guilt with regard to sexual activity.

A cat in the bedroom wardrobe indicates that guilt (the cat) is affecting your attitude (clothes in wardrobe) towards sex (the bedroom). This can even be the other way around where your attitude towards the sexual act is causing guilt. For instance, if you were sexually abused in your childhood this could cause you to adopt a distasteful attitude towards sex which causes you to feel guilt because you don’t want to have sex with your partner.


A cave is a good symbol for the womb and brings you back to when you were in your mother’s body.

A cave can also indicate a feeling of isolation or an introverted nature.


A tooth cavity is about problems with your reproductive system. If you do not currently have a problem the dream is a warning of a problem manifesting.

Large cavities in dreams symbolize your lungs and respiratory system. Your lungs are a large cavity in your body.

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