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The Answer to your Dreams 9

In this section I interpret your dreams from the mailbag. In picking dreams I replied to around ten requests I received. Some dated back a while and I'm sure they were surprised to get replies at this stage! Thanks to all who sent their dreams in and particularly for the ones that ended up on this page. See the end of this section for details on submitting your dreams.

In keeping with the theme from my last column, The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams Part III, I've included two dreams that cover psychic abilities and channeling. This should make it more interesting to follow. Let's have a look.

AVSHALOM'S DREAM: My dream features a radio, with no details about it. Then our guide told us that we should get up early in the morning in order to help people. He woke us up at 5 AM, even though we went to sleep very late.

INTERPRETATION: You are a clairaudient channel (you can hear your guides). Being woken up is good in a dream and indicates a new awareness of yourself. 5am has to do with karma so it is your karma to develop your channeling ability which you will use the help others.

COMMENT: It is interesting to note that Avshalom specifically says that there are no details about the radio in the dream. This means that he believes he has no details about how his clairaudient ability works. However, on getting this interpretation he wrote, "It's interesting what you say about clairaudient ability. I do not know if it's related, but for many years I noticed that songs are popping into my head with their meaning reflecting a state of mind or an insight on a particular situation. Is it related to channeling potential?"

The answer is yes this is one of the ways it works and quite a common way at that. Refer to my article on this ability here. The next step for Avshalop is to develop this ability through focusing on the messages in the songs and seeing what comes of it. It should quickly progress into hearing spirits directly.


PATRICIA'S DREAM: I dreamt that my doctor came to our house to Trick or Treat on Halloween night with a little girl. I felt that he came (since he lives an hour away); only so he could snoop. I remember handing him a brown and gold candle that was mine.

INTERPRETATION: You have a spiritual healing ability (indicated by the doctor, the color gold, the mention of hands and the word 'treat'). When using it you will also get flashes of insight for the person you are working on (indicated by the candle). Don't deny your spiritual healing ability (brown).

COMMENT: I really love this dream. I particularly like the pun on 'Treat' alongside doctor, the color gold and the mention of hands. It is hard to argue against the meaning of it. Straight away we know the dreamer is a healer. However, the trick part is that she's not convinced that there is such an ability. Is it really a trick? This philosophy shows up again with the color brown being mixed with gold. The brown here asks Patricia not to deny her gift. Patricia's next step is to overcome her materialistic view that was picked up from her dad at the age of the little girl in the dream.


SOBRINA'S DREAM: I dreamt that I was at my mother's house in her kitchen washing raw red soapy meat under the water in the sink and putting them in a pot one by one.

INTERPRETATION: This dream is simply asking you to cut down on your consumption of red meat or to cut it out altogether. The kitchen represents the digestive system, the sink is the elimination system and the soapy meat is a reference to trying to cleanse the meat from your digestive system. 

COMMENT:  It is clear from this dream that red meat stays in Sobrina's body for quite some time after she eats it. Otherwise there would be no need to cleanse it from her body in the dream. Red meat used to be an issue for me and I gave it up for two years. After that time I found I was able to eat red meat with no ill effect occasionally (maybe twice a month) and that is the way I still treat it today. Naturally I use my dreams to tell me if I am over doing it.


TARA'S DREAM: I am walking up the street and an old man speaks to me but he was being promiscuous. Out of respect I just said hello and continued on up the street when I notice very dark clouds and very low to the ground. I knew it was just about to pour. Where I was going I can see there was no threat of rain. I wondered if I could make it there before it rained but I decided to go home to wait out the storm. I crossed the street and the wind pressure was very hard to walk up against. I wondered if I should ask the elderly man to help me but I said, I can make it, I can make it.

INTERPRETATION: The dark clouds and 'low to the ground' both indicate depression. The man you encounter before that links it with a man in your life (most likely your father - do you call your father your old man? In Ireland that is a common expression). Rain represents life so rain pouring down on you while you are out doors is very good in a dream. It represents letting life in. Too many of us don't do that and we attempt to filter what comes to us. The significance here is that the depression is probably the start to you letting life pour in. Like this causes you to say - to hell with this I'm just going to take things as they come (a very spiritual thing). Your next step is exactly that - take things as they come.

COMMENT:  Obviously issues with dad come up here but this can also have an effect on all relationships with men. Most obvious is being unwilling to ask the old man for help in the dream. This points to dad not being supportive of Tara  in childhood so she learned to do things on your own. Dealing with the issues around dad would help enormously to make life easier and to allow her to open up to letting life in. 

Unfortunately Tara's dream is a very common one and most of us do nothing to clear the garbage from our past. This means that we carry that around all our lives and quite often pass it on to our own children in diluted or exaggerated form. I can't stress enough how issues that seem totally overwhelming can be dealt with effectively and easily with a good counselor. I was very fortunate to have the benefit of that in my life.


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