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Cutting the Ties that Bind

Cutting the Ties that Bind is an accepted form of therapy based on deep meditation, regression and healing the "Inner Child". It was introduced by Phyllis Krystal of the U.S.A. who wrote three books on the subject.

In a personal session the therapist guides you into a deeply relaxed meditative state in which it is possible to mentally relive important events from your childhood. This might include your birth and other incidents from your early formative years. You are then helped to reassess these traumatic events and encouraged to release associated negative emotions and forgive. This forgiveness is very important and involves letting go any desire to "hit back" at parents, siblings, teachers or anyone who hurt you in your youth. This has a liberating effect and allows you to grow emotionally.

Our early experiences of life are linked to our parents. They may have done their best for us, but being human, could not help but pass on their "hang-ups", weaknesses and faults to us. We needed unconditional love and bonding with mother at birth and acceptance and support from father. Failure on their part to provide these qualities can leave us emotionally disadvantaged and less able to cope with life. If they were repressed or inhibited we, by using them as role models may have copied these negative traits. Cutting the Ties enables you to identify the way you were affected by your parents and empowers you to free yourself and find your own identity. Moreover, physical problems arising from these mental / emotional backgrounds can also be cured or prevented by the therapy.

Cutting the Ties with Dad increases self confidence and assertiveness and helps your career. For females it changes and improves all personal relationships with men. The therapy, when applied to Mother, has a profound effect on how you react to life itself. You can develop a more positive and happy philosophy of life by separating yourself from the negative aspects of her personality. This would be especially relevant if she was distressed or emotionally out of harmony at your birth. Remember, you formulated your self image and view of life under these conditions. For males, Cutting the Ties with Mother has a healing effect on personal relationships with females.

In addition to the personal sessions the therapy involves listening to meditation tapes, dream analysis and researching in a deep and intuitive manner into your relationship with parents, teachers, siblings, etc..



Cutting the Ties that Bind gets its power through use of symbols of the subconscious mind. The technique itself is very simple but extremely effective. To do it on your own follow these steps.

  1. Get into a comfortable sitting or lying position. Close your eyes and relax your body by taking a few slow deep breaths. Count slowly backwards from 20 to 1 and mentally tell yourself that your body and mind are relaxing with each number. If you have already developed a technique for relaxing use that instead.
  2. cut-tieslgif.gif (4913 bytes)Now imagine yourself somewhere quiet, standing in the center of a circle of golden light (refer to the diagram). This circle is on the ground. A common mistake made is for people to imagine the circle at waist height so be careful not to do that. The circle is a subconscious symbol of love and protection.
  3. Imagine another circle of the same size infant of you just touching your circle so that they have a single point of contact.
  4. Place the parent or object you are cutting the ties with in the center of the other circle.
  5. Now imagine a blue neon light at the point where the two circles meet.
  6. Slowly move the neon light anti-clockwise around your circle (to your left and behind you). When the light reaches the place where it started move it around the other circle in a clockwise direction as indicated by the arrows in the diagram. When the light returns to the center of the circles move it again anti-clockwise around your circle and so on.
  7. Keep the light moving for two minutes. While it is moving realize that the light has special healing properties. Feel it strengthening you and removing anything negative that you picked up from the person / object in the second circle. When in the other circle it gathers the power that the person has taken from you and returns it to you. Let yourself feel this happen. After two minutes let the scene fade and wake yourself up.
  8. Do this for two minutes once per day and only two minutes After about 4 days you will begin to feel the effects. If you are cutting the ties with your mother you may feel chest pains. This is your heart chakra opening. The pains will only last two or three days. You may also feel periods of depression. Keep working through these as this is what the therapy is clearing. If you have a heart condition it is best to undergo the therapy with a qualified therapist. If you are cutting the ties with your father you may feel back pains or pains in your legs. Again you don't need to worry about this but take it as a sign that the therapy is working.

On the day you start the therapy get a writing pad and mark a line down the middle of the page. Title the left side of the page Negative and the right side Positive. Starting from birth write down any negative incidents involving you and the person you are cutting the ties with or traits displayed by them. Although it is not important to get these in chronological order it helps you cast your mind back by doing it this way. Under the positive column write down any positive incidents or traits. Each day you do the therapy pick up the same pad and try to add to the lists. You may find in the beginning that only negative things come to mind. Allow this to happen. You will find your reaction to these events changes as you progress.

The therapy can take up to six weeks and most people drop out when they feel the depression starting. Promise yourself at the start that you will work through this as your resolve will help you later. When the time is right you need to complete the process. You will know the appropriate time as your attitude towards the person and feelings about life will have changed.


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