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So You Think You're Awake? - KKNW Series

Relaunching June 05, 2017

So, You Think You’re Awake with Michael Sheridan, Susan Pullen and Heidi Brooke ran for 2 years. It was a weekly one hour show detailing how your dreams attempt to awaken you to the important issues in your life today. Dreams provide expert guidance on all aspects of your life including relationships, career, life purpose, health, special abilities and more. In this live call-in, Michael smashes the myths and demonstrates the art of Dream Interpretation by telling you exactly what your dreams mean.

Michael Sheridan is a 25-year veteran Dream Analyst from Ireland and author of How To Interpret Your Dreams (and discover you life purpose). He now lives in Seattle where he teaches workshops and classes under the name Aisling Dream Interpretation.

The show ran from 2014 through 2016 on 1150 (AM Dial) KKNW


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Heidi Brooke: I devoted an episode to discussing channeling with professional medium Heidi Brooke. Channeling comes up in so many people's dreams that this just made sense to do. You can find more details about Heidi at Heidi is now a co-host on the show.


Susan Pullen: I interviewed Susan Pullen to explore how her dreams led her to the fulfilling work she does today. Several of her dreams were interpreted on the show which you can listen to below. Susan is a fellow dream interpreter and co-host on the show since July 2nd, 2015. She has a range of other skills she has melded together into her own unique offering. You can find out more about Susan at