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On each show, I break apart dreams to reveal their meanings. And that means I need your dreams. I won’t just tell you what your dreams mean. I will tell you why they mean what I say. Be warned. My show has a spiritual leaning with a strong focus on life purpose – why are you here? And I do mean you specifically. I love to discuss that aspect of your dreams along with the guidance given in them. Are you a channel? A healer? A teacher? A counsellor? A writer? Are you clairvoyant? Can you predict the future? Why do your relationships suck? I mean…do you deserve that? Your dreams have the answer. Send them to me and you will too.

Send your dreams using the form below, and then tune in to my LIVE SHOW on Monday at 1 pm Pacific Time. Include the full dream with as much detail as possible. Thank you!



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