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This page lists links to sites that contain information related to my site. Click a heading to see the full list for that category.

Heidi Brooke
Heidi Brooke a co-host on my radio show. She's a medium and psychic and. Yes they are different things but both mean that she gets a direct connection that tells here what your dream means even before you tell it to her. Heidi’s connection is very much a matter of fact so she will tell you as it is without holding her punches. So when Heidi is on the air you can phone in without a dream and just ask her direct questions. She’ll connect with your guides or loved ones and pass their messages on. I sometimes run my own analysis of your dreams by Heidi to get my guides approval!

When not working on the show, Heidi does one hour private readings for individuals, mostly in person but also by phone and email.​ For more go to /heidi/index.htm  

Susan Pullen
Susan Pullen is also a co-host on my radio show. She's is a life purpose coach, energy healer and teacher. She uses these to remove blockages and get people back on track. Depending on your needs this is done in a one time or a series of one-to-one appointments. Susan can help you with whatever issue your dreams highlight.

She also runs healing, imagination and dream workshops.​ For more go to

The Silva Method
I did this course myself around 1990 and I used the visualisation methods it teaches to completely take control of my life and turn it in the direction I wanted. Ultimately it lead me to getting into dreams. I highly recommend this course.
Acuhealth provides a patient-centred experience. We actively encourage you to participate in formulating your therapeutic management plan. Based in Dublin with services offered by my good friend Paul.

Life Coaching
Anita is a qualified Life and Business Coach living in Dublin and is a member of the Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland. Anita is also trained to lead Heal Your Life Workshops based on the philosophy of Louise Hay and has a strong background in Meditation and yoga. In addition, Anita holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Dublin City University.

Digestive System
Contains many articles on constipation and colon cleansing.

Free Health Care Articles
A multitude of articles (including mine!) relating to health.



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