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You are so important that each night your dreams create an entire world around you to educate you. They are an illusion created to help you wake up from other illusions. They remind you that you are the most important person on the planet! You are not subservient. You have a specific purpose and entitlement to be here. They constantly remind you to not give your power away, and if you have, they insist you claim it back. They are the key to a healthy, happy and successful life. The choice is yours to turn the key and do something with them.

There is nothing more personal than your own dreams. They are blunt and hold no punches. They show your strengths and weaknesses. They tell who in your life has good advice and who does not. Oftentimes they point to events or people in your past to illustrate how these events or people are still controlling your thoughts and actions today. Your dreams are specific and focus on areas where you need help most. They comment on health, relationships, career, emotions and spiritual well being. They remind you of your obligations and your life purpose, and that your life is a planned journey designed to free your spirit. Your life and purpose are unique and you have special abilities that help you achieve that purpose.

When you make changes in life your dreams comment positively or negatively on that change. Take Paul, for example, who reported having many dreams in one night where he was writing his signature and specifically noticed how it had improved. In the dream all he saw was the tip of the pen writing on the paper.

This dream literally shows Paul making a name for himself! From the dream’s positive statement we can infer that the recent changes were the correct ones to make. We can also see that writing will be part of how he makes his name, as that was the focus.

Katie, who lost her mother a few months prior, dreamt of a string of flowers in her living room that led up to a flower wreath in the centre of the ceiling. In the dream her deceased mother had placed them there. 

This dream shows that the bond of love (string of flowers) continues in the spirit world (ceiling level emphasized) beyond the grave (wreath). What a wonderful message to receive.

You are the star and architect of your dreams. Shakespeare famously wrote that the world is a stage where everyone plays a part. Dreams are a stage where you play every part. Dreams of family members, friends and enemies all represent various aspects of your personality such as ideas, emotions, hopes, fears and ideals.

Dreams focus on the most important step you need to make at the present time. The first step, as with any journey, is to find out where you are. Using expressive symbols, dreams show you this and map your journey to where you need to be. The key to unlocking dreams is through understanding the symbols on the map. In this series of articles I will illustrate how to unlock these symbols.

You cannot stop dreaming. It is as vital to you as your heartbeat. Tonight, within minutes of falling asleep you'll find yourself back at the door to this mystical world. What will you learn this time on the other side of the threshold?

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