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I'm Michael Sheridan. For over 25 years I've been changing people's lives by interpreting their dreams and telling them why they are here. I help people overcome their blocks and step into alignment with their life purpose. I put them in touch with their gifts, and explain how and why to use them.

I've watched people listen to their dreams and regain their health. I've seen years of depression abruptly end. I've seen chronic migraines disappear. I've seen people become happy again. All from following the lessons on my courses and listening to their dreams and my interpretations. I'd love to tell you what your dreams are really saying.


Aisling Dream Interpretation is the name under which Michael Sheridan teaches Dream Interpretation. Aisling is an Irish word meaning dream or vision.


To teach people how to breathe life into their dreams through the following services all of which are non-affiliated.


Website www.dream-analysis.com. On-line since December 1996.

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Radio Show. So you think you're awake?

Courses & Workshops

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One to One Dream Analysis is excellent if you want to know the meaning of just a few dreams or have already done a course but are having some difficulties. These are offered in person, over the internet and over the phone.


Michael Sheridan was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1965. He lived in Alaska in his early twenties and returned to Ireland where he studied psychology at Dublin City University, and studied Dream Interpretation under the veteran, George Rhatigan.

His decades of work and exploration in the spiritual field are as a result of a spontaneous awakening he experienced at age 27, and the ripples he's experienced ever since. He's been interviewed countless times on National TV and radio because of his expertise in dreams. He moved to Seattle in 2011 and until October 2016, hosted the radio show, "So, You Think You're Awake?" on KKNW. 

He lives with his wife, Sandy, two daughters, Heidi and Julie, and three grandchildren He works, writes, and prepares for his radio show from home. Life is good!


Michael's dream work has been reviewed in several newspapers and magazines, including;

TV Interviews

Michael interpreted callers' dreams live on TV3's breakfast show regularly since 2001. He has also been interviewed on two of Ireland's other TV channels: RTE and Network 2.


Radio Interviews

Since 1997 Michael has been interviewed countless times on many radio stations, both national and international.

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