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Aisling A-Z Dream Dictionary

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These entries are an extract from Michael Sheridan's book
How To Interpret Your Dreams
and Discover Your Life Purpose

Smashing the myths Michael demonstrates the simplicity of Dream Interpretation. In this well structured book he starts with the basics and gently introduces how dreams give direct guidance on your health. That alone is worth the sticker price but it doesn’t stop there! With each chapter the arsenal for cracking the code in dreams is advanced until from your dreams you can answer the deeply philosophical questions, “Why am I here?" and "What is my life purpose?”

Michael writes from an unashamed spiritual perspective but with his feet firmly on the ground. With this book you can take steps to restore your power and regain control of all aspects of your life.

The interpretations listed in this dream dictionary are intended only as a guide.
A dreamer's personal association with dream symbols can significantly change the meaning of a dream.

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Doctor’s Surgery

Dreams of a doctor’s surgery are about your state of mind and how it influences your health or healing.


A dog is mans best friend and in dreams signifies your human nature (animal nature). If you disconnect from life you can find yourself dreaming of losing your dog. To dream of a lost dog returning asks you to let your mental guard down and trust your instincts.


A dolphin symbolizes channeling in a dream. A channel is someone who can communicate directly with spirits and Angels. Dolphins are mammals like us but live in the ocean. In dreams the ocean represents spirituality so here is an air breathing mammal that has adapted to travel into the spirit world.


Dreams evoke a feeling of doom when this is how you normally feel with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Other symbols in the dream will tell you how to heal this in reality.


Doors represent opportunities due to the fact that we use them to create openings in what would otherwise be an obstacle in our path. Where the door is located can be significant. If the door is ahead on your path it signifies an opportunity in the near future. A door to your right can signify the same thing but it could also be an opportunity that has already manifested.

To close a door in a dream means you are closing off an opportunity that you should be taking advantage of.

To lock a door signifies refusal to create or take an opportunity out of fear. Your protection mechanism is to avoid it. This is not good to do, regardless of what you think you are protecting yourself from in the dream.

A locked door indicates you are blocking an opportunity in reality. This meaning holds even if you did not lock the door in the dream.

Double doors represent your heart and sharing as they allow a flow both inward and outward. Your heart needs this flow of feelings to stay healthy.

Revolving doors symbolize your heart due to their circular movement and also because they allow flow in two directions. Revolving doors can also symbolize karma as it is possible to get caught on a karmic cycle where you keep spoiling opportunities to clear your karmic debts.

Unusually large glass doors, including sliding doors, indicate you have a psychic / intuitive ability. You are being asked to open up to using it. For example, encountering a sliding door on the public pavement asks you to take the opportunities (door) presented in public (public pavement) for using your psychic ability (glass).

Houses represent the body so the back door to a house represents your rectum (the back door to your body) while the front door can represent the vagina – the front door to the body by which someone can exit.


A doorbell ringing is a request to open the door on a newly awakened aspect of your being. It is very common in these dreams for the doorbell to ring early in the morning or to wake you up in your bedroom. It’s a very good symbol in dreams.


To dream of a doughnut is a pun on ‘Do Not’ and is asking you to avoid doing something.


Downstairs in a dream can represent your physical body while upstairs represents mental or spiritual activity.

Going downstairs is about moving your consciousness down from your head to your heart, to get in touch with your feelings. You are rationalizing too much with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Involve your heart in the decision making process. Ask yourself if you heart was fully in charge of the decision or the direction of your life, what would you be doing now?

Going downstairs can also be about your birth symbolizing your arrival on the ground.

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