Have you ever wondered what the universe is trying to communicate with you?

Dream Interpretation Summit

Join us for the little known secrets to unlocking the wisdom of your Higher-Self

Friday Oct 6 - Sunday Oct 8, 2023

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Backed by over 30 years of research

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Are you living your best life?

It's important for you to live the life you're meant to live.

But it is hard do find clarity on what that actually looks like.

Well, your answers are closer than you think.

Here is the reason why it is hard to find that clarity. Your brain's trained to look outside of yourself for the source of your problems. It's an evolutionary thing.

Think about this for a second. If you're out in the dark woods and you hear a scary growl, where does your attention go? Outside of you or inside of you?

Today's stresses are much different than running away from a potential wild animal, such as not having enough money, food, or clothing. But all of that triggers the same survival state - and in that state, evolution keeps telling you to look outside yourself for the cause and solution to your problems.

This is why most people spend their whole life trying to change things outside of themselves. But they don't feel better whether they get the new relationship, the new job, the new career, or even more money.

The truth is that the universe is not hiding your answers. What if you're been looking in the wrong place?

The place to look was always within.

Once you look within, how can you see what you need to find? Well, that's where dream interpretation come in.

Dreams have always revealed your purpose, the path you were meant to go on, the gifts that you have. And dreams are a language. When you're trying to learn a new foreign language it takes time to understand it. The same is true for dreams. That's why I am holding this event.

Not only will you start discovering amazing things within you, but you can now start understanding the language of dreams so you can discover your higher purpose. You can discover your unique gifts. You can discover what unique path you are meant to go on.

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Join us from Oct 6 - Oct 8
to learn how to unlock the secrets of your dreams
using the proven Aisling Method
all from the comfort of your own home

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Meet Michael Sheridan

At 5 months pregnant, my mom tried to induce a miscarriage. The result was that I nearly died and she ended up in hospital confined to bed for 2 months. I was born by cesarean section at 7 months and was not expected to live. After 2 months in an incubator, I was brought home but because my mom had nearly died my parents resented me to the point where nobody was allowed pick me up or hold me as a baby.

Experiences like this led me on a lifelong journey of self- discovery. I read voraciously and took all the courses I could afford. All in an attempt to find the answer to my simple question. Why am I here? I don’t consider that a difficult question. And if my life truly had meaning, I expected the answer would be forthcoming. But it wasn’t. And that frustrated me.

Sometimes a gear would click into place, but nothing solid enough to tell me I had the answer to my simple question.

Until one day, I attended a dream interpretation class and that's when I knew I found all the answers I was looking for. The dream interpreter analyzed my dream without knowing it was mine. And she knew about my birth.

There was no way she could've known that without me telling but here she was describing my life extremely accurately. And that's when I discovered that understanding your dreams helps you identify exactly what your purpose and your gifts are.

Here's the most important part. If the dream is not accurately interpreted, it can do much more harm than good.  That's why I invested the time to learn how to do this accurately.

For example, one person discovered an illness her doctors had missed. If it wasn't for that dream, she wouldn't be alive today.

Another client left her day job and transitioned full time to helping heal others. This was because her dreams revealed that she was a healer. In the process, she ended her migraines and is living a fuller and more financially rewarding life. All of this was because her dreams showed her the way.

I have been researching dreams and interpreting them with precision for over 30 years using a powerful interpretation process that I call The Aisling Method.

As a result,  I've had the joy of helping thousands of people to transform their lives.

To this day, I help spiritual seekers who are struggling to discover their gifts and life purpose. Using the power of dreams, I put them in touch with the life they intended to live.

It is my mission to reinvent dream interpretation so that everyone who wants, can get the answer to why they are here. To fully grasp the meaning of their life so they can live life to the fullest. To heal what holds them back from accessing their full potential. To make this life a life worth living.

This virtual event is for you if

  • You have tried other dream interpretation methods and they have not worked
  • You do not know what your spiritual gifts are or are uncertain about them
  • You want to transition out of a job that you hate into one that you love
  • You want more fulfilling relationships
  • You have tried therapy or coaching and it has not worked for you
  • You want to know what your life purpose is
  • You are self aware enough to understand that there are past experiences that are holding you back and you are ready to do something about it
  • You want to learn a proven method that answers your specific questions so you can begin living your life purpose
  • You want to learn the secrets that are encoded in your dream
  • You want to decode the wisdom your higher self is imparting through your dreams.

Who will be attending this virtual event

This event is for spiritual seekers (curious souls) who are committed to overcoming obstacles that hold them back. Who desire to step into alignment with their higher purpose and live life the way it was intended for them. Who want to unlock their gifts so they, in turn, can help those around them to heal and grow.

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Day 1: How to determine the subject matter of your dreams
11am - 1:30pm Pacific Time
Repeats 6:30pm - 9pm Pacific Time

A properly interpreted dreams carries insane value. To unlock this value, you must be skilled at determining the dream’s subject matter. We teach you 7 ways to determine that subject matter.

  • The value you get from analyzing your dreams / why bother
  • How to start decoding a dream
  • What’s a symbol?
  • The 2 best methods to Identify the subject matter of your dream
  • We include an interactive lesson, during which, you will be able to tell Michael the subject matter of a dream based on two factors.
  • Demonstrations throughout
  • Common dreams interpreted





Day 2: How to dissect your dreams to unblock your biggest blocks
8:30am - 4:15pm Pacific Time
Lunch from 12pm - 1pm Pacific Time

We start day 2 by helping you identify the 2 most common themes in dreams. You will not find these on any top 10 list, but they are essential to dissecting your dreams so you can discover your blocks.

Almost every dream is a comment on your balance of masculine and feminine energy - your Yin and Yang energy. In our first interactive session, Michael explains why everything in dreams comes down to energy. And you will quickly learn to tell which energy a dream is focusing on. This is a great assist to understanding obstacles that hold you back, your core strengths and what triggers your defensive mechanisms.

This is followed by the second most common theme in dreams – how the circumstances of your birth are impacting you today. In this session, Michael explains why dreams consider your birth to be so important that they constantly refer to it. In an interactive session you will learn and then identify the most common ways your birth is depicted in your dreams. Dreams that contain birth references are often a gold mine for details on your life purpose, spiritual gifts and obstacles you need to overcome in order to become your best self.

We close the morning an examination of the first 2 rules of dream interpretation. On its own, the first rule is your best help on determining whether your dream’s primary topic is about your spiritual aspects, your health, your emotional state, or your mental state.

After lunch we continue with how to dissect a dream, where we cover rules 3 and 4. Rule 4 is probably the easiest way to determine what a dream is asking you to do.

Day 3: How to use your gifts
8:30am - 3pm Pacific Time
Lunch from 12pm - 1pm Pacific Time

Today you will hear from live guests about how their lives transformed from listening to their dreams over a long period of time. This will help you see why it is so worth it.

Talking about gifts is great, but how about seeing someone use their gift in action. You get live demonstrations on the main stage and side stages too. You also get to hear how our guests learned about their gift and how they developed it to the point of excellence they have achieved.

Over our time together you have learned more than you probably realize. And all the things you’ve learned tie together to help you create a coherent analysis of a dream. To prove it, we break you into groups where you will analyze a dream with your classmates – with a little help if you need it.

Over lunch you can ask questions of star Aisling School students.

We close the event with success stories from people who have used The Aisling Method to greatly enhance their lives. We hope this will motivate you to commit to listening to the messages in your dreams. (If you’re going to commit to listening to the messages in your dream, it helps to know how beneficial that endeavor can be).


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Early Bird Bonuses

  • The first 100 to register get a group call with Michael in advance of the event. Value: $500.
  • The first 150 to register also get one month's free access to the Aisling Private Dream Clinic after the event. Value: $97.
  • The first 200 to register also get an Aisling School "The Obstacle Is The Way!" mug.
  • There are more surprise bonuses in the registration package you receive!

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Will you be a better dream interpreter after this event even if you do nothing else?

Absolutely! 100% guaranteed. My team and I break the whole process down to the basics. You will learn! And you will look at your dreams with fresh eyes, getting so much more from them than you do now. Understanding their advice and moving forward with it to improve your life in many areas.

Does it cost?

No. But a refundable deposit is required. I have a limited number of seats in my Zoom package. So to keep the seats for people who really want to attend, I am asking for a fully refundable deposit. Just show up to any of it and you will get refunded automatically. (I do free events all the time. Yes this is the biggest by far. But typically only 30% of people who register actually show up. This is just a fact of doing things online.)

Look at it this way, this is my way of saving YOUR seat. You're welcome!

What if I can only attend part of it?

That's okay. You will still get great value from what you can attend. And you still get your deposit refunded in full once you show up to any of it.

Will there by a recording?

Yes. Recordings will be made available for FREE for 5 days after the event to everyone who registers.

It doesn't work for in in my time zone

Attend what you can in person and watch the recordings for anything you miss.

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