Channelling and Dreams 3-Day Workshop

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Channeling and Dreams Wrokshops
March 4, 5 & 6, 2016

The course runs on Friday from 9:30am - 5pm
Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am - 5:00pm

The channelling modules are run by Heidi Brooke, Energy Work & Chakra Balancing is with Susan Pullen. Dream modules are with Michael Sheridan.

Included in channeling modules

Heidi BrookeAll day Friday and Sunday from 1:30pm - 5pm:

  • Protections
  • How to ground yourself
  • Using the pendulum 
  • Establishing connection with your Guides
  • Recognizing (feeling) your guides and Guardian Angels
  • The differences in how spirits of different levels communicate
  • Clearing and removing negative influences/entities
  • Putting/pointing you on your path
  • Seeing spirits and auras
  • Raising your vibration to meditate
  • Opening your chakras 
  • Color-breath healing, are you a healer? 
  • Recognizing your intuition and using it [and our inherent ability to mind read/body read]
  • Addressing diet to maintain health and connection. This will have to be done individually but wont take that long for me to complete
  • A 30 minute personalized reading

Included in Dream Interpretation Modules

Michael SheridanSaturday 9am - 5pm, Sunday 9am - 1pm. Smashing the myths, Michael demonstrates the simplicity of dream interpretation on this well structured course. 

  • What makes this workshop stand out. YOUR dreams are used as part of the workshop material
  • Dreams and your Health
  • Spiritual & Psychic Gifts
  • Colors and Numbers in dreams
  • Career & Life Purpose 
  • Relationships
  • Several dream interpretations during the workshop
  • A copy of Michael's full color 300+ page book
  • 60 minute personal dream interpretation session with Michael within two months of the course

Included in Energy Work Modules

susanFriday 9:30am - 5pm. 

Susan works alongside Heidi to do the following

  • Clear the space to create the perfect channeling enviornment
  • Chakra balancing / blockage clearing (this is done one-to-one)
  • Energy healing on participants when directed by their guides
Payment Options

Seattle Channelling & Dream 3-Day Workshop
March 4, 5 & 6, 2016

Course Cost: $395 - $695 USD.
Payment Options

Reviews from previous participants of the Dream Course

In-Person Course, January 2015, Seattle

The two-day dream workshop exceeded my expectations! I have taken a broad range of courses in my lifetime but I have never taken one that I can actually use every morning when I awake to help me understand myself better. I highly recommend this course to anyone in search for a deeper understanding of their own spiritual gifts.  The money I spent on this course was well spent!  Michael truly has a gift to take you further then you believe you can, he teaches you how to analyze your dreams and assist you in identifying your life purpose and recognizing your spiritual gifts, which we all have.  Without a doubt the lessons I learned and the tools he shared with us this weekend will forever enlighten my spiritual journey.  Thank you Michael for sharing your gift with all of us!  

             - Erin O'Leary, Edmonds, Washington

In-Person Course, August 2012, Seattle

I have been working with my dreams for 15+ years and I always knew that one day they would bring significant meaning and depth to my life and to my relationships.  That day finally arrived when I took Michael Sheridan’s dream course.  I can’t begin to explain how blown away I was and still am by his process for analyzing dreams.  The course is structured so that you not only get your dreams analyzed by Michael (which is so fun and so insightful!) but you also get to take home real tools and steps to analyze your own dreams.  By using his process I have unlocked so many mysteries of my own life (too many to count!), including minor health issues, spiritual gifts I have (and now use!) and discovering my life’s purpose.  Michael’s humor makes the class comfortable and makes the material approachable and fun!  There is no other course that I would more highly recommend for anyone wanting insight to their dreams and to their lives.
             - Jaime Dyson

In-Person Course, May 2013, Seattle

What an amazing course! I have always questioned what my own dreams meant and was continually fascinated when hearing about the dreams of others. Having a greater understanding of my own dreams has literally changed my life and transformed my relationships in a deeply positive way. Each class opens the door to a conscious understanding of the symbolic language of your dreams. Michael does a great job of leading the group step-by-step through the process of breaking down the contents of each dream and by examining all the symbols. Then he guides the dreamer to find the main points or theme, which is where we discover what our dreams truly want us to know. I highly recommend this course, as well as Michael’s book, to all who seek to remember and regain fluency of their first language…the language of dreamtime, which IS the true language of the soul!
           - Jacki Campbell, Clinical Researcher & Shamanic Practitioner

In-Person Course, August 2012, Seattle
Thank you so much. This class gave me the tools to use for healing and self understanding by using my own dreams. Dreams are funny and odd, yet they have so much to reveal about us. In this class I learned a fascinating symbolic language of infinite variation focused on discovery of how dreams help us to heal ourselves physically and spiritually. I have always loved to dream, but now I get much more from them, they are not just amusing, but helpful and profound.
           - Sarah

 In-Person Course, May 2013, Seattle
I give this course a 5 out of 5 stars!

When I signed up for this course it was supposed to be 6 weeks long, I thought that would be a long time, but the weeks flew by and when they were done I actually missed them! Michael makes this course fun and very interesting. All of the dreams that he interpreted for me were very revealing and helped me work through some very emotional traumatizing experiences I have been going through. My partner took this class with me and Michael's interpretations of his dreams were spot on! I would recommend this dream course to anyone interested in learning more of the hidden aspects of their lives. Thanks Michael!
           - Geri Lynn

In-Person Course, August 2012, Seattle
I've been working with dreams for many years, but Michael has a unique approach. I've learned so much from him about understanding what my dreams are trying to tell me about my health, career, relationships, and life path. It's deeply satisfying and life-changing to be able to understand the messages in my dreams. I feel connected to my wisest self. Learning these skills has also improved my work with life coaching clients--now I can use clients' dreams to help guide our work together as well.
           - Susan Pullen

In-Person Course, May 2013, Seattle
This is a very enlightening and intensive course, well worth the money!  You will walk away with keys to tend to specific areas of your own life that require attention in order to move forward, also gain a lot of insight into how the mind works in tangent with spirituality.  This is a spiritual but non religious course, friendly to open minded people from any background who want to go deeper in a safe environment. Michaels book has a lot of helpful information on interpreting your own dreams but a group focus, especially with a dream guru will point out things you would never see working on it by yourself. We also learned personalized (guided by our individual dreams) and general techniques to connect to our spiritual side and were each given a lot of positive and encouraging feedback on who we are as individuals and what our unique spiritual gifts were.  This is also a fun course so be ready to laugh and cry.
           - Amanda Boyd