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Michael Sheridan of Aisling Dream InterpretationMichael Sheridan

Aisling Dream Interpretation is the name under which I teach Dream Interpretation. Aisling is an Irish word meaning dream or vision. 

My intention is to demonstrate the simplicity of Dream Interpretation and in particular to show people how their dreams reveal their life purpose and how to get back on track.  

- Michael


Published in 2007 Michael's book How To Interpret Your Dreams explains the simplicity of dream interpretation. It is based on this website and his courses.


Website www.dream-analysis.com. On-line since December 1996! Much of the information from Michael's dream interpretation courses is available in distilled format on the site and in his book.

Articles (see above). The articles have three threads. The first teaches the basics of how to interpret dreams. The second thread is written in Agony Aunt style helping readers with interpretations and advice from dreams they have submitted. The third thread explains how to develop psychic abilities such as Seeing the Human Aura and Spiritual Healing. 

Newsletter which is published occasionally. The newsletter is emailed in plain text to a growing subscriber base but back issues are also available here. Each issue covers one aspect of dream interpretation in depth and includes selected articles from the site.

Radio Interviews. These are always interesting. Live phone-ins are the best format. The usual response is for the switchboard to light up with callers wanting their dreams analyzed! The callers often bring the show in unexpected directions and keep Michael on his toes. Why not listen to a show now while you read on?

Courses & Workshops

These have been run since 1995 and are currently available in Seattle.

Dream Interpretation. This course is available both as a weekend workshop and a six week evening course. It covers all aspects of Interpretation as seen on this site. It focuses on Life Purpose and uses visual aids, workbooks and exercises throughout. Course material is also supplemented with dreams submitted from course participants. (Full Details & Reviews)

One to One Dream Analysis is excellent if you want to know the meaning of just a few dreams or have already done a course but are having some difficulties. These are offered in person, over the internet and over the phone.

Online Courses. Due to demand Michael now offers courses online. (Full details).


In 1991 while studying for a degree in Information Technology a series of unusual events led me to question the meaning of life and search for a purpose behind our existence. Up until that time I saw scientific explanations as the ultimate truth and had pursued the three science subjects on offer in my school; chemistry, physics and biology. Mathematics was my favorite subject and early on I discovered an affinity for computers and digital electronics. At age 17 I was building digital electronic circuits to assist handicapped people to communicate.

My world turned upside down when I spontaneously began seeing spirits and auras. I didn't believe in life after death so this was tough to grapple with. All these years later I can say it set me on a wonderful journey of discovery but I didn't view it that wat at the time! That journey deepened when I learned I had a talent for interpreting dreams and I threw myself whole heartedly into developing that. I began teaching courses on Dream Interpretation in 1992 and still to this day I feel most alive when doing that.

In September 2011 I moved to Seattle, Washington and now mostly run my courses here, still getting rave reviews. (see reviews here). 


Magazies Ultimate Health Magazine
IQ Magazine
Newspapers The Irish Times
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The Evening Herald
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Michael interpreted callers' dreams live on TV3's breakfast show regularly between 2001 and 2010. He has also been interviewed on two of Ireland's other TV channels: RTE and Network 2.


Since 1997 Michael has been interviewed countless times on many radio stations, both national and international. Some radio shows have been converted to podcasts and can be found here.

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