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Angels On The Line

(this is my daughter Heidi)

Angels On The Line

How I channel a psychic reading for you
When some one asks me to channel on their behalf I ask my Angels to establish a connection with their Angels and relay back to me. I only ever tell you exactly what has been said. They have the best possible advice for you and I understand and respect this.

What would you like to know?
There is no question too small and there is nothing too big. I will always be able to get information for you regardless of the severity of the matter. I can help you on relationships, your career, financial concerns and more.

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Serenity Healing Dublin

(this is my good friend Bernie)
Bernadette Guinan

I am a reflexologist and holistic massage therapist. After many years in the business it still holds true to me that nothing can facilitate relaxation and healing quite like the human touch. As a qualified professional, I offer a variety of treatments in a secure and comfortable setting. I  see each person as an individual and treatments are tailored to meet your own specific needs.

Clonsilla, Dublin 15
Tel: 087-8234893/01-8221615
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Avalon Centre

Based in Dublin and run by Joe & Bernie. Phone number is (01) 492-9252

The Silva Method

I did this course myself around 1990 and I used the visualisation methods it teaches to completely take control of my life and turn it in the direction I wanted. Ultimately it lead me to getting into dreams. I highly recommend this course.


Acuhealth provides a patient-centred experience. We actively encourage you to participate in formulating your therapeutic management plan. Based in Dublin with services offered by my good friend Paul.

Alternative Health and Medicine Ireland

Alternative Health and Medicine Ireland lets you find an Irish Alternative Practitioner, Course, Shop or Seminar with ease. We will also keep you informed with related Health Articles.

Life Coaching

Anita is a qualified Life and Business Coach living in Dublin and is a member of the Life & Business Coaching Association of Ireland. Anita is also trained to lead Heal Your Life Workshops based on the philosophy of Louise Hay and has a strong background in Meditation and yoga. In addition, Anita holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Dublin City University.

Digestive System

Contains many articles on constipation and colon cleansing.

Free Health Care Articles

A multitude of articles (including mine!) relating to health.

Astro Dream Advisor


Dream interpretation in Japan. The dream is analyzed by using mail. "Sakura means cherry blossoms, yume means the dream in Japanese."