How To Interpret Your Dreams

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

And Discover Your Life Purpose

by Michael Sheridan (website author)

My book covers everything on this website in an expanded format.

  • Dreams with health warnings and how your dream's advice aims to keep you healthy. 
  • The Spiritual Dimension of dreams. This is my favorite aspect of dream interpetation as it tells you why you are here, your life purpose and gifts you have.
  • Real dreams fully analyzed at the end of each section. This is done in a treasure map format that finds the meaning of symbols and then puts it all together for the complete analysis.
  • Exercises to develop your psychic abilities.
  • Accurate dream dictionary. Not fabricated like so many you see on the web that are just there for the site owners to sell online advertising! That may seem like a bold statement but unfortunately it is true.
  • The paperback version is 317 pages using full color. Color is rendered as shades of grey on some Kindle devices but is correct on Kindle reader apps and Kindle fire.

What other's have said

Rachael, Washington, USA (Spiritual Counselor)

I read your book from cover to cover. It is exceptional! You have a unique ability to make what is traditionally hard to comprehend, highly accessible. In addition, your eloquent writing style made it a joy to read.
Maree, PA, USA (Spiritual Healer, Psychic Medium)
After studding your book, (I call it the Dream Bible!) I can not only accurately interpret my dreams but for my clients and other healing practitioners as well. I instruct everyone I do this for to your web-site and recommend your book, most after seeing your book agree at how awesome it is!
Nadine, Australia
I received your book and have read it from cover to cover. It is so lovely to have so many questions answered in the book. It is great to have so much more information included than on your website and to have an easy reference to all the info that is the same. The book is very easy to read and understand. Your book has changed the world for me and I will be promoting it wherever I go