Colours in Dreams

The interpretation of colors in dreams comes from their interpretation in the human aura. As with anything else in your dreams each color is there for one of three reasons. 

  1. To heal you
  2. To guide you
  3. To indicate your normal reaction to the subject matter


Written by Michael Sheridan on .

In this section I cover the significance of color in dreams. Often the colors alone are enough to determine the subject matter or full meaning of a dream. To show the simplicity of this I have included an example dream with an interpretation based on colors. Colors in your dreams have the same meaning as colors in your aura. For this reason I have also included an article on the chakras and the aura.

The Meaning of Colors in Dreams

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

This section covers the main colors and color combinations. Where appropriate, the keyword or phrase for the color is underlined. If a particular color is not listed then combine the meanings of the colors which constitute it.

Example Interpretation Using Colors

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The following is a good example of how colors can give the meaning of a dream. A friend of mine had this dream after a class he teaches. Try to interpret it yourself before reading the interpretation.