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Being naked in a dream is a very good symbol and shows that you are being asked to be yourself when it comes to the subject matter of the dream - literally show your true self rather than to dress things up. The disturbing feeling usually associated with this type of dream, indicates the level of discomfort you would have in being yourself in the given situation. If you are currently undergoing therapy in reality, this dream shows it is working well and restoring your sense of identity.


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Place names and people’s names in dreams are quite often a pun. Here are listed names and their likely interpretation.

Arizona, once you are not from there and have never lived there, is a pun on arrow and being in the zone. Whatever you are doing right now is correct. Do not question it.

Auliffe see Olive

Chernobyl is a pun on Share Noble meaning to Share is Noble. This dream is about your heart.

Croke Park is Ireland’s national games pitch. Due to the pun on ‘croak’, to dream of it indicates that something you are doing has the potential to shorten your life.

Fairbanks, since it contains the word bank is about your heart. The theme is reinforced by the fact that Fairbanks, being in Alaska, is cold for 6 months of the year. A cold heart is anything but fair! This meaning does not hold if you are from Fairbanks.

John, being the name of one of the apostles and bible writers, can indicate spiritual leadership ability. Look for other apostle names in your dreams to confirm this.

Mary being the mother of Jesus and almost always being referred to as mother Mary, indicates your own mother.

Olive is a pun on, “Oh Live” and is a request to accept your life and live it fully.

Peter, see John.

Simon, see John.


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Navy indicates you have a negative philosophy of life or are at least negative with regard to the subject matter of the dream. See Blue.

News Commentator

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A news commentator in a dream represents a counselor and to dream of one means two things. You have a counseling ability that you should develop. You should also take note of what the commentator is pointing out to you in the dream. He is likely indicating something you did in the past that is holding you back today. His function in the dream is to bring it to conscious awareness.


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Newspaper can symbolize you have a counseling ability – you have the ability to uncover detailed information about people.

Soggy newspaper indicates you have the condition candida albicans.

Shredded newspaper can indicate damage to the lining of your intestines.


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Night generally indicates that you are in the dark with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Other symbols in the same dream will tell you how to move forward. For example, lights, candles or the moon tell you to use your intuition / psychic ability to get insight into what you need to do.

Night can also indicate depression.


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North symbolizes your head – the top of your body. For example, going north in a dream asks you to get into your head / think rationally about the subject matter of the dream.

Northern Ireland

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Due to the current peace process going on in Northern Ireland, to dream of it or Belfast can symbolize the need to resolve conflict. It can also mean that you and whoever you are in conflict with are polar opposites, like the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland. This meaning does not hold if you are from there.


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To dream of Nostradamus or any other prophet means you have the gift of prophecy and can foretell the future.

Nuclear Power Plant

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A nuclear power plant means you are a hands-on healer. This is one of the types of healing attributed to Jesus in the bible. Like the power plant you have a source of power within you. This power can be channeled into others by placing your hands on them and letting the energy flow.


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A common use of numbers is to indicate you at a particular age. This may be obvious if the dream has, for example, a 3 year old child in it. A less obvious symbol is the use of a number of people. For example, a dream with 2 women behind you is introducing an issue with mother when you were 2 years old. A dream with 7 children playing together brings you back to the age 7, and so on.

Numbers can also indicate the need to put energy into developing an aspect of you when they are part of a price tag. For example, $3 for a pen asks you to commit (3) to developing your writing ability. Price tags can also indicate reward for development. Being offered $600,000 to work in the music industry tells you there will be great reward from developing your channeling ability (music).

For the meaning of specific numbers lookup the individual numbers that form it in this reference.


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To dream of someone nursing a baby or doing so yourself, asks you to provide the correct nurturing environment to develop a new aspect of yourself.


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Nylons symbolize your intestines.