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Jail symbolizes your heart and emotions. Specifically it means that you suppress your feelings (keep them captive) and do not share them with others. The logic behind the action is that if people cannot get close they cannot hurt your feelings. Over time you can become so good at suppressing your feelings that you do not even acknowledge them to yourself. For example, a dream where a woman reluctantly releases you from jail means that you are reluctant to open up or share your feelings with others.


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If you have never lived in Japan, to dream of it symbolizes an extremist attitude towards the subject matter of the dream. This comes from the Japanese ritual suicide, hara-kiri. A tradition of being expected to fall on your sword to atone for shame and dishonor.


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Jeans are a pun on genes and are indicative of concern over picking up a genetic trait from either parent. It could be non life threatening like a tendency to put on weight, or serious like celiac disease.


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Jesus symbolizes your spiritual level in a dream. You are either at an enlightened level of awareness or have the potential to reach that stage in this life time. Jesus is also particularly known for his hands-on healing and spiritual leadership so it also means that you have these abilities.


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A Jet being lofty, can indicate being up in your head or too logical with regard to how you go through life or with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Come down out of your head and let your heart have a say in decisions too.

A jet arrival or landing signifies your birth - your arrival onto the planet.

A jet crash signifies a difficult birth - one that was either traumatic emotionally and possibly a life and death situation.

A Jet departure signifies the beginning of a new project or phase of your life. Often these dreams show what is holding you back from the new project. For example, to dream of your partner forgetting your passports for the flight signifies there are problems in your relationship and you are blaming these for not taking the jump.


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Jewelry is often used in dreams to highlight your spiritual gifts and to emphasize that most precious part of your nature. You use them to repay your karmic debts and achieve your life purpose.

Silver indicates a psychic / intuitive ability.

Gold indicates a spiritual healing ability in your hands.

Earrings indicate a channeling ability where you can communicate with spirits.

A chain indicates something you are obliged to develop. Before being born, you promised you would develop your ability to the point where you would use it to help others.

Jewelry Shop

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A jewelry shop indicates your spiritual values. Pay attention to what the shop keeper directs you to, as this will reveal your spiritual gifts to you. If the shop keeper does not want to sell you something it means you do not have that ability and you are being politely asked not to develop it.


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To dream of a judge means that you are judgmental with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

Jug Kettle

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Jug kettles symbolize your heart due to their heart shape and the fact that they are used when sharing tea and coffee with visitors. Anything to do with sharing implies your heart.


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To watch others jump into water is a request for you to get into life or to develop your spiritual side.

To see others jump a dangerous crevice is a request for you to take a leap of faith with regard to the subject matter of the dream.


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Road junctions in dreams symbolize choices or conflict ahead.

A T-junction means you face a difficult choice that requires you to change the direction you are currently taking with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

A Y-Junction also indicates change but does not require you to change direction as much. The new direction will only be subtly different from your current course.

A crossroads indicates difficulty ahead on your path. You have to take care at a crossroads to ensure your movements do not collide with others.