Short Dream: Speeding Ticket

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Greg dreamt that he was following his mother in his own car when a police officer stopped him and gave him a speeding ticket.


I love the simplicity of this. The dream says with authority, "Don't be so quick to follow your mother or you'll end up paying". This, of course, is in relation to something current in his life.

Dream with Interpretation

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The Whale in the Lake

I had a dream that I was standing around a lake with many other people. People were swimming in the lake and having fun. Suddenly a black and white whale came from under the water and there were two girls holding on to it (one on the belly and one on the back). As the whale went under the water people around began to get worried if they could survive if they went under water with the whale. I heard someone say in the distance, "they will be okay, they know when to let go, but if they don't come back up in a few minutes we will get them." As I, and everyone waited it was clear that they would drown. (I knew I could not go get them because I can not swim well enough.) So I waited along with everyone else as they pulled them to land. One girl was brought over to me and someone else to begin CPR. The other girl was taken to a different group but I could see them working on her in my peripheral. I told the other person to start breaths as I did compression on the her heart. (I remember thinking that I needed to make sure I was doing it right and over the heart) As we did CPR the girl became conscious and sat up. We began to ask her what happened but she could not remember anything at all. I then woke up

The Analysis

You can look up the symbols in my dictionary if interested to see how I get the results, A lake represents your spiritual side. People swimming and having fun reminds you to have fun using your spiritual nature. The black and white whale represents channeling. This means you have the ability to communicate with the spirit world. However, because you describe the whale as black and white it means you see this subject matter as black and white. In other words you will either fully believe it or completely dismiss it. The problem with that is it takes longer to come around to believing in it but I can assure you that you will. It is in your path to work with groups using this particular gift. The two girls represent both channeling (because of the number 2) and your female side. So you are asked to get more in touch with your heart / feelings for this to work for you. The dream re-enforces this later with emphasis being placed on the girl's heart and indeed the importance of you doing right over the heart. We again have the number 2 with their being 2 groups. Channel's dreams are frequently littered with the number 2.

In almost all dreams like this where you're being asked to put your toe in the water and use your spiritual channelling ability we see grave fears. So it is not surprising you are worried about the girls drowning. This fear is your fear of immersing yourself and using this ability. From regressing people into past lives I can tell you that this fear mostly comes from persecution in former lives. It's not that long ago that people who used abilities like this were put to death. Society in most places has come a long way in recent years and there is growing demand for people with your skills.

The dream ends with 2 people (there it is again) working on the girl. This is a summary of what the dream asks you to do. Breath life into your female side (the girl) in order to activate your channeling ability to its fullest potential. Just like in the dream you are here to help people. It's what you came for.

FYI. Female energy has to do with your inner world, your philosophy of life, your feelings, emotions, happiness. It runs through all of us and can be inhibited by events and influential people in your life. Most notably your early relationship with your mother.

(c) Copyright Michael Sheridan 2014

Dreams and Innovation

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Aligning with your Higher Self

Dreams and Innovation Aligning with your Higher Self While waiting to see my doctor I interpreted a dream for his wife. When I returned the following week he confided that he could not believe how a single dream analyzed could impact her so much. He asked if I had ever seen that reaction before. I told him it always happens by the end of my courses. For some reason his question got me thinking. At the end of my classes people frequently queue up to hug and thank me. Even before the Internet, class participants would send me thank you cards and letters describing how much their life had changed as a result of the analysis they received. Sometimes, just as with his wife, a single analysis could have a profound effect. When I figured it out, the answer was obvious.

Dreams are poignant messages from your higher-self telling you exactly what you need to do to improve all aspects of your life. The content is very personal, revealing and immensely practical. A correct analysis lets you know that someone is listening and does have the answers. The fact that the someone is your higher-self cannot be more important. You have the answers to all of the questions you are asking now and all the questions you will ask in the future. It was this same realisation that floored me when I first had a dream correctly analyzed.

You came into this life well prepared and with an unbreakable lifeline to the source of all wisdom. Your dreams encourage you to take an innovative approach to aspects of your life in order to improve them. Acting on their advice moves you into alignment with the vibrational energy of your higher self. The more you move into alignment the better your life becomes and the more fulfilled you are. Your life is about you coming to that realization and taking the steps. Nobody can move you into alignment.

The approaches offered by your dreams will of course be innovative because they always focus on something new you need to do or something you are currently doing but need to change. They may ask you to stop focusing on past relationship failures for instance. Sustained thinking provides momentum even when the focus is on something you don’t want. This momentum then attracts more of the same into your life. Dreams may be specific about doing a therapy to overcome an early influence in order to free your thinking. Whatever approach they suggest in any area of your life is the approach guaranteed to work for you.

Dreams also highlight your unique skills and encourage you to develop them. Sometimes they suggest you blend two or more skills together into a new mix. In last month’s column I included a dream from Susan that told her to refine a blend of three skills and become expert at applying subsets from the three into a new innovative offering. Following the analysis she wondered how limiting what she offered could be better overall. That night she had this dream.

My friend was telling me how his wife wanted to move a bunch of stuff. She chose the things she really wanted and calculated the weight and the size of truck needed to carry that weight. But it turned out that it was too heavy for the truck and it got stuck. I asked if they got another just as big or bigger truck so they could split it into two loads and take everything. In a compassionate way he said, "You would like that, wouldn't you?"
They got a second, smaller truck and his wife was even more selective about the things she wanted to move. They took just those things on the smaller truck and it was able to move fast and easy with the smaller load.

Knowing the context the dream hardly requires analysis. The dream clearly tells her that including everything from all three skills will bog her down and will not work but being selective will. By referencing compassion and discounting logic (calculations) the dream also tells her to use her intuition in what she selects for clients.

You may already be familiar with some of these innovations revealed in dreams.

  • Elias Howe invented the sewing machine following a dream in which cannibals were preparing to cook him and were dancing around the fire waving their spears. In his dream he noticed a small hole near the tip of the spears. That coupled with their up and down motion was the major innovation he needed to make mechanical sewing possible. It required a needle with a hole near the point.
  • Einstein claimed his entire scientific career was a meditation on a dream he had as a teenager where he was sledding at the speed of light.
  • Dmitri Mendeleyev dreamed the periodic table in 1869.
  • Friedrich von Kekule revolutionized organic chemistry through determining the structure of the benzene molecule from his dream where a group of snakes were swallowing their tails.
  • In 1619, Descartes dreams revealed to him the basis of the scientific method.

What innovations are being revealed in your dreams?


(c) Copyright Michael Sheridan 2013

Online Dream Interpretation Course Agenda

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

How to Interpret Your Dreams and Discover Your Life Purpose

with Michael Sheridan

Click for more details on the course and for bookings.
Week 1 Introductions
The 4 Rules of Interprtation
Objectivity with the I AM and I NEED forumula
Exmple Dream with Analysis
Health Dreams - The Digestive & Elimination System
Week 2 Numbers in Dreams
The Spiritual Dimension of Dreams
How to recognize spiritual dreams
Spiritual Abilities: Counselling, Intuition & Psychic abilitites
Week 3 Health Dreams
The Circulatory System & Emotional Health
Your Dreams
Therapy: Cutting the ties that bind
Week 4 Spiritual Abilites: Hands-on Healing
Mind & Body: Hypnosis & Projection
Your Dreams
Week 5 Spiritual Abilites: Communication with Spirits
Health Dreams: The Reproductive System
Your Dreams
Week 6 Spiritual Abilites: Teacher, Leader, Writer, Prophetic
Week 7 Health Dreams: The Respiriatory System
Colors in Dreams
Your Dreams
Week 8 Life Purpose Dreams / Career
Therapies for dealing with issues raised in dreams
Your Dreams
Week 9 Your Dreams
Week 10 Your Dreams

In Person Dream Intepretation Course Seattle

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

I recently acquired a beautiful location where I can run full workshops and courses. I will post details soon (when the rest of the furniture arrives) and the likely start date will be in September 2013 for a 6 week course.

Apologies to anyone who was waiting for the half day event in Seattle since last year. I spoke with the people in Eastwest Bookshop on several occasions and only posted on this site when I thought a date was imminent. I followed up with their event organiser and still expected dates this summer. I have just now taken the notification off this site.

Dreams - The Language of the Soul

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

Why we dream in symbols

Why do you dream in symbols if dreams are so important? The answer is simple. It’s because since before you were born you were a dreamer.
Dreams are like any language that must be studied to understand it. Consider how it is that you speak your native language. It is a combination of where you were born, your heritage and the massive effort you and those who taught you put into your learning it. Has that effort paid off yet? Yes, that’s rhetorical! How much effort have you put into learning the language of dreams? As to whether the effort would pay off, the answer is a resounding YES. Here’s why.
As a native dreamer you speak dreams for 8 hours a day. I deliberately say speak dreams because each dream is a dialogue between you and your higher self. By examining the dialogue you can discover your purpose in life and receive the current advice you are being given.

During your dream you fully understand the language in use. You fully know that the cat scratching the kitchen wallpaper represents a problem with your stomach lining. You know you cannot fly physically and that flying is you mentally rising above your problems. You know the wall you need to climb over was put there by you to keep others at a distance and prevent a recurrence of emotional pain. You know why these things appear and what your higher self is asking you to do about them but more often than not, like most of us, you reject the message intended to direct your growth.

To better understand dreams you need to look past the illusion that the physical world is the real world. It is a world you enter into briefly and will leave. You are not a body with a soul—you are a soul with a body. You only need a body while here and the experiences you have on the earth plane will by careful design help you to grow in awareness, removing limiting beliefs that you previously held on the spirit plane.

Your higher self is clued into the big picture. Your soul, the real you, is aware of the true nature of reality but is conditioned by your experiences here. This conditioning, mostly achieved through parental influences, is designed to match the conditioning already held on the spirit plane. Your life purpose usually includes recognising, accepting and then eliminating this conditioning through various means. Recognition and acceptance are harder than they sound. The alcoholic who destroys their life and their loved ones’ lives is usually the last person to know they are an alcoholic. Realisation, acceptance and growth all must come from within, from the soul. That’s where dreams do their work. They are your higher self, guiding your soul through recognition, acceptance and healing. They also comment on the events of the day and include practical advice and guidance.

For example, Zoe, a mum of two who has a hugely successful career working from home, was feeling guilty about focusing so much on work. In her dream it is night time and there is a large, perfect, domesticated tiger waiting completely still sitting under a street lamp across the street facing her house. The tiger, because of the colour combination black and orange, represents her career. It being domesticated indicates working from home. The dream tells Zoe to be patient with her career (tiger is waiting); that she is correct to focus on it (tiger is illuminated), but also that she is to move it out of her house (across the street in the dream).

Consider Susan’s dream: I'm wearing a live snake for a belt as some sort of test. The snake is emerald green and I'm holding it by a sort of collar made by a leaf. It’s snapping at me. Then I'm with two other women, one of whom is Jewish. We know each other from past work together in the diamond trade.

Susan was wondering whether she could support herself through offering counselling services linked with shamanic healing. The dream identifies exactly this as the subject matter. The green snake represents counselling, both from the colour green (heart chakra) and the biblical association of the snake with wisdom. It also represents healing from the caduceus used in medicine. Belts are a support so the snake being used as a belt indicates supporting herself through counselling and healing. The dream goes further by telling Susan to specifically use shamanic techniques involving crystals (diamonds and emeralds). The dream encourages her by showing that refining her unique blend of skills (collar the snake) has great value (gem stones) despite her fears (snake snapping at her).

The answers to your life questions are given to you each night, ironically hidden right before your eyes. You don’t need to learn the language of dreams for this nightly process to work. It will continue throughout your life but it is your choice whether it remains under your radar. Through dreams your higher self wants you to awaken and discover your true nature. If you put a little effort into learning their language – your soul’s language – you will be amazed at what you learn about yourself.

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Why do we dream?

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

Making sense of illusions

You are so important that each night your dreams create an entire world around you to educate you. They are an illusion created to help you wake up from other illusions. They remind you that you are the most important person on the planet! You are not subservient. You have a specific purpose and entitlement to be here. They constantly remind you to not give your power away, and if you have, they insist you claim it back. They are the key to a healthy, happy and successful life. The choice is yours to turn the key and do something with them.

There is nothing more personal than your own dreams. They are blunt and hold no punches. They show your strengths and weaknesses. They tell who in your life has good advice and who does not. Oftentimes they point to events or people in your past to illustrate how these events or people are still controlling your thoughts and actions today. Your dreams are specific and focus on areas where you need help most. They comment on health, relationships, career, emotions and spiritual well being. They remind you of your obligations and your life purpose, and that your life is a planned journey designed to free your spirit. Your life and purpose are unique and you have special abilities that help you achieve that purpose.

When you make changes in life your dreams comment positively or negatively on that change. Take Paul, for example, who reported having many dreams in one night where he was writing his signature and specifically noticed how it had improved. In the dream all he saw was the tip of the pen writing on the paper.

This dream literally shows Paul making a name for himself! From the dream’s positive statement we can infer that the recent changes were the correct ones to make. We can also see that writing will be part of how he makes his name, as that was the focus.

Katie, who lost her mother a few months prior, dreamt of a string of flowers in her living room that led up to a flower wreath in the centre of the ceiling. In the dream her deceased mother had placed them there. 

This dream shows that the bond of love (string of flowers) continues in the spirit world (ceiling level emphasized) beyond the grave (wreath). What a wonderful message to receive.

You are the star and architect of your dreams. Shakespeare famously wrote that the world is a stage where everyone plays a part. Dreams are a stage where you play every part. Dreams of family members, friends and enemies all represent various aspects of your personality such as ideas, emotions, hopes, fears and ideals.

Dreams focus on the most important step you need to make at the present time. The first step, as with any journey, is to find out where you are. Using expressive symbols, dreams show you this and map your journey to where you need to be. The key to unlocking dreams is through understanding the symbols on the map. In this series of articles I will illustrate how to unlock these symbols.

You cannot stop dreaming. It is as vital to you as your heartbeat. Tonight, within minutes of falling asleep you'll find yourself back at the door to this mystical world. What will you learn this time on the other side of the threshold?

Submit your questions and dreams

Submit your questions and dreams to Michael at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for inclusion in this series.

(c) Copyright Michael Sheridan 2013

The Aisling Online Dream Interpretation Course

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

MichaelCourse complete. See Online Courses

Finally! People have been asking me since the 90s to provide an online course and finally here it is. Yes, before you ask, that is an older picture of me but that is one of the advantages of owning this site!

Course Content

The course will be exactly what I deliver in my in-person classes (minus any aura work). Essentially it is everything I cover in my book and on this site delivered in presentation style but I use YOUR DREAMS as the example material. How sweet is that? Pssst! The answer is, "Very sweet!"

Course Delivery

The delivery mechanism will be through video conferencing. You can see me and everyone can hear each other. The best classes are when people actively participate so I will be encouraging you to ask questions throughout. 

During the course you will have access to my special course bulletin board. Use this to post your dreams and questions and make attempts to analyze yours and others' dreams. I will selectively use your posted dreams in subsequent classes and provide a detailed analysis. Don't worry - you have the option of keeping your dreams anonymous so when I am doing them during a class nobody will know it's yours. 

The course consists of ten separate classes, which are 1 hour 15 minutes long. The 15 minutes is to allow for everyone getting logged in. Each class will be recorded so if you miss one or simply want to experience it again you can.

Your Dreams Interpreted

This is what makes this class stand out. YOUR dreams are used as the class material. I spend several hours between classes analyzing your dreams so that I can use them for illustration in the class. Make sure to let me know in advance about any classes you cannot attend so that you don't miss the opportunity to ask questions when your dreams are being done. Below is how your dreams will appear during the class. If your dreams are of a sensitive nature I will make a time outside the class to discuss their analysis with you.
Dream Illustration

Class Time and Location: August 3, 2013

The course will run on Saturdays from 10:45am PST until noon. The location is YOUR LIVINGROOM - or wherever you have your computer setup! The course consists of ten separate classes, which are 1 hour 15 minutes long. The full ten course dates are:
  1. August 3, 2013
  2. August 10, 2013
  3. August 17, 2013
  4. August 24, 2014
  1. August 31, 2013 (no class!)
  2. September 7, 2013
  3. September 14, 2013
  4. September 21, 2013
  1. September 28, 2013
  2. October 5, 2013
  3. October 12, 2013

Reviews of previous courses

In-Person Course, August 2012, Seattle

I have been working with my dreams for 15+ years and I always knew that one day they would bring significant meaning and depth to my life and to my relationships.  That day finally arrived when I took Michael Sheridan’s dream course.  I can’t begin to explain how blown away I was and still am by his process for analyzing dreams.  The course is structured so that you not only get your dreams analyzed by Michael (which is so fun and so insightful!) but you also get to take home real tools and steps to analyze your own dreams.  By using his process I have unlocked so many mysteries of my own life (too many to count!), including minor health issues, spiritual gifts I have (and now use!) and discovering my life’s purpose.  Michael’s humor makes the class comfortable and makes the material approachable and fun!  There is no other course that I would more highly recommend for anyone wanting insight to their dreams and to their lives.

             - Jaime Dyson

In-Person Course, May 2013, Seattle

What an amazing course! I have always questioned what my own dreams meant and was continually fascinated when hearing about the dreams of others. Having a greater understanding of my own dreams has literally changed my life and transformed my relationships in a deeply positive way. Each class opens the door to a conscious understanding of the symbolic language of your dreams. Michael does a great job of leading the group step-by-step through the process of breaking down the contents of each dream and by examining all the symbols. Then he guides the dreamer to find the main points or theme, which is where we discover what our dreams truly want us to know. I highly recommend this course, as well as Michael’s book, to all who seek to remember and regain fluency of their first language…the language of dreamtime, which IS the true language of the soul!

           - Jacki Campbell, Clinical Researcher & Shamanic Practitioner

In-Person Course, August 2012, Seattle
Thank you so much. This class gave me the tools to use for healing and self understanding by using my own dreams. Dreams are funny and odd, yet they have so much to reveal about us. In this class I learned a fascinating symbolic language of infinite variation focused on discovery of how dreams help us to heal ourselves physically and spiritually. I have always loved to dream, but now I get much more from them, they are not just amusing, but helpful and profound.
           - Sarah

 In-Person Course, May 2013, Seattle
I give this course a 5 out of 5 stars!

When I signed up for this course it was supposed to be 6 weeks long, I thought that would be a long time, but the weeks flew by and when they were done I actually missed them! Michael makes this course fun and very interesting. All of the dreams that he interpreted for me were very revealing and helped me work through some very emotional traumatizing experiences I have been going through. My partner took this class with me and Michael's interpretations of his dreams were spot on! I would recommend this dream course to anyone interested in learning more of the hidden aspects of their lives. Thanks Michael!
           - Geri Lynn


Bye for now

- Michael

Dream: The Articulated Lorry and The Drunk

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

I've been collecting dreams that indicate alcohol issues to add a chapter to my book. Here's one I liked.


I was driving my car in heavy traffic through a business area of the capital. Somehow I ended up facing a man who was drunk. He wasn’t completely drunk but had drunk enough to not be sober. He was standing under the cargo container of an articulated lorry (that's a semi truck america!). The container was somehow suspended in the air above his head. His pose was as if sword fighting with one hand held up high but holding a drink and the other outstretched with a broken bottle pointing in my direction.

The Analysis

This dream is from a writer and public speaker, clearly telling him to quit drinking – even in moderation (emphasis on not being sober rather than downright drunk). The traffic and lorry both indicate the dream is about his career. The lorry being articulated stresses how drinking affects his ability to be articulate. It being suspended in the air means that being articulate is one of his higher gifts (high location) and that drinking stifles it (puts it in suspension). Literally his sophisticated way with words is directed from above (articulated lorry is above the head in the dream) and this is suspended when not sober. The articulated lorry’s cargo is the body of work this person will still produce in his lifetime so this gives added reason to heed the message.

Bottles represent the kidneys so the broken bottle shows that drinking also causes physical damage to his kidneys.

In summary, ending up facing this man means the dreamer is asked to face up to his drinking now so as not to damage his public speaking, writing and his kidneys!

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