Meet Me at Mill Creek/Bothell Psychic Fair

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Mill Creek/Bothell Area Psychic Fair
10 am - 5 pm - Free Admission

Triway Grange Hall
3509 Seattle Hill Road, WA 98296 (map & directions)

From I-5 (Exit 183) Drive East on 164th St.,
Stay on this road as it changes names.  
Cross 35th Ave.  It's the 2nd building on the left, next door to the drive thru coffee shop.

I am providing free Dream Interpretations all day.

Free Dream Interpretation


The Power of Your Subconscious

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Using dreams to help change your reality

(This article is from my newsletter series)

Michael SheridanYour thoughts create your reality – it's a fact. They create your reality through impressions onto your subconscious mind, which is the link between you and the infinite intelligence that manifests your reality. Your subconscious mind is a living storehouse with layers of conditioning, including fears. Much of this conditioning originates in events and times far below your conscious awareness. That doesn't matter! Like a faithful dog that carries out his master's wishes, your subconscious mind will continue to create your reality based on the instructions and conditioning it has been given. If carrying out these instructions brings you ill health and misery that is of no importance to your subconscious mind. It merely creates a reality based on the input—your input!

It may seem like madness, but remember that the conditioning you pick up in childhood is by design and mirrors your limitations on the spirit plane. Your purpose in coming here is to overcome these limitations. The conditioning you pick up plays like a tape on an endless loop in your subconscious mind, and with those instructions your subconscious knows the reality to create. The subconscious never sleeps and trumps any fleeting thoughts in your conscious mind in creating your reality. In this way, even in the density of the earth plane, you manifest the reality you need in order to face your limiting beliefs and thus grow through eliminating them.

Right now, you can attract into your life everything you want, whether it is fame, fortune, love, heath, happiness or success. You can also attract into your life lack of recognition, poverty, loneliness, ill health, misery and failure. What you attract is fully within your control. You are never a victim of chance. How to attract what you want with your thoughts is the subject of many excellent books such as Think and Grow Rich! There are also many outstanding courses that teach you practical tools for creating the reality you desire through focusing your thoughts and mind such as The Silva Method. (My preference is for the original more comprehensive course.) This knowledge is certainly not new and definitely not secret. But a note of caution, just as with dream interpretation, there are some misguided books on the subject, so don't swallow what you're fed blindly (including what you read here)!

You may have a conscious plan of what you want, but since your subconscious mind is the real architect, how do you know what you're going to create? Better yet, how can you program your subconscious to create what you want? This is where dreams come in. It will come as no surprise that dreams ask you to clear conditioning that is detrimental to your well being and blocks your success. They show the age you picked up specific conditioning and how it affects you today. They also show who it is connected with, so you have everything you need to work on changing it. Teri asked for a dream that would reveal the source of her limitations. What follows is part of her dream in her own words.

I slip into my friend's house unnoticed. I think I can find the answers I'm looking for by going to a back bedroom. When I get to the bedroom I decide to try on some clothes. I am in a state of undress when I hear the voice of a man and I realize he is heading towards this extra bedroom to put something away. I am suddenly embarrassed to be discovered in her house, especially since I am still undressed, and I'm ashamed that I never asked her permission to be there. So I try to hide under an orange blanket but he sees me right away. He thinks I am one of her grandchildren hiding under a blanket. I have to reveal myself and try to explain that I was just using the bedroom to try on some different clothes. He says that I'd better get dressed and then he leaves the room. I have a hard time finding my own things and I'm feeling a little panicked. Finally I am able to get dressed again and I sheepishly go out to the living room to apologize.

This dream tells Teri she will "find the answers" (said directly in the dream) by looking back to when she was in the womb (back bedroom). She must clear the conditioning she picked up there (undress and reveal herself). The conditioning is connected with her father (man in dream) and shows up today as feeling she somehow needs permission, being overly apologetic and sheepish, having a sense of panic where there should be none, hiding who she is, and holding back on sharing herself. The above are all words directly from her account of the dream. The orange color of the blanket also links her weight problem with the issues around her father.

Teri's solution to dealing with these issues is to cut-the-ties with her father. There are many effective therapies but cutting-the-ties works very well with issues you have no conscious memory of. It is a technique that instructs the subconscious using dream-like symbols to release the conditioning and fears associated with the individual with whom ties are being cut.

In reality, after nine years of trying to conceive, Teri's mother was elated to discover she was pregnant. Her father's reaction was to accuse her mother of infidelity and he refused to believe he was her father. Clearly the dream brings the focus to the correct point in her life. In other parts that are not shown here, the dream promises that dealing with these issues will springboard her spiritual leadership ability into a new dimension of success—clear encouragement to put in the work to eliminate these issues.

Cutting-the-ties is described in detail on my website. The therapy is extremely effective at removing the conditioning pointed out by Teri's dream. That conditioning is the foundation on which her issue of not feeling worthy of the space she occupies is built. By removing the foundation, everything built on top of it becomes unstable and is easier to tear down. Her apologetic nature, lack of confidence, sheepishness and embarrassment when sharing herself will disappear. They have no choice but to. The subconscious does resist but it does not question. Through the therapy it will purge the stored conditioning. Once out of the way, new positive traits are revealed. The evidence of new positive traits is generally how we perceive growth, but it is elimination of the conditioning that obscures them that is the real growth. The positive traits are already there but are either fully or partially masked by childhood conditioning. Once purged of conditioning, Teri's newly trained subconscious will create a different and far more welcome reality than her present one.

Using your dreams you can discover conditioning and purge it from your subconscious. You are then freed from the harsh reality that your conditioning creates. You are also free to impress on your subconscious new thoughts that will shape reality and fulfill your desires for health, happiness, success, love and more.

Update on Teri's progress to follow

Cutting-the-ties is a service I have offered since 1992. You can do it on your own but for many reasons it works far better when facilitated. Teri will begin this process with me on On August 2, 2014. It typically takes six weeks to complete. Six weeks is not long compared to the 40+ years the conditioning is embedded! Once she begins, this article will be updated regularly online to reflect her progress, and especially to capture the positive impact at the end.

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Speaking Engagement at BEPC EXPO in Kent

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Michael Sheridan

12:00 PM Michael Sheridan – Aisling Dream Interpretation

Straight from Ireland, Michael brings with him a uniquely accurate way to analyze dreams. A 23 year veteran Dream Analyst and author, Michael has interpreted thousands of dreams from around the world. His talks on dream interpretation are distinguished through the use of participants’ dreams to illustrate his interpretive technique. He has also interpreted callers' dreams live many times on national TV and radio including RTE and BBC. He studied psychology at Dublin City University.

Come along and put me to the test. I am providing free Dream Interpretations all day. Find me at booth #26

Meet Michael at BEPC EXPO in Kent

From the EXPO information sheet
FREE – From Ireland, Michael demonstrates the simplicity of Dream Interpretation, telling you exactly what your dreams mean. Put his 25-year experience to the test and discover your life purpose, psychic gifts, and more. 

Visit for details of other speakers and exhibitors.

Meet Me at BEPC EXPO in Kent

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

Come along and put me to the test. I am providing free Dream Interpretations all day. Find me at booth #26

Meet Michael at BEPC EXPO in Kent

From the EXPO information sheet
FREE – From Ireland, Michael demonstrates the simplicity of Dream Interpretation, telling you exactly what your dreams mean. Put his 25-year experience to the test and discover your life purpose, psychic gifts, and more. 

Radio Interview July 17th

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Above - Michael's interview with Daniel Davis on Beyond 50 Radio, July 17th.
Listen in a new tab here

Click the logo below to read an article by Joy from Beyond 50 Radio which includes snippets from my book and website and also includes the audio of the interview. 
My next interview on Beyond 50 Radio is October 31, 2014.

About Beyond 50 Radio
Beyond 50 is America's Variety Talk Radio Show.  Originally designed for those in midlife (or approaching midlife), we have found over the 10 years of broadcasting that this is truly a program for ALL ages. The online radio show offers compelling topics that are informative, educational, and fun.

Beyond 50 is holistic in it's approach to solution-oriented programming that is eclectic.  We showcase celebrities, bestselling authors, experts, and visionary leaders  from around the world.  You can experience new insights and breakthroughs not usually found in mainstream resources.

Radio Interview July 16th

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highland logo 093

shaun doherty Michael will be interviewed by Noel Cunningham on the popular Shaun Doherty Show

July 16th at 10:00am Irish Time / 2:00am PT / 5:00am CT.
In case you're wondering if your memory is slipping this was originally scheduled for July 14, then July 15 and now July 16!


Apologies all. For the third night in a row I wasn't called at the appointed time. I listened in while waiting assuming I'd be called late. One hour and 15 minutes into the show I wrote to the producer, Ciara Johnston. Twenty five minutes later she informed me that due to other news my slot was cancelled. In 22 years of doing radio interviews this has never happened without prior notification, even if that notification was just before the show. For it to happen three days in a row is incredible.

Looking for inspiration from something bad, maybe I need to be more proactive in doing interviews. Hmmm. I must investigate the latest technologies in live audio streaming and conference calling!!

It is 3:45 am here. I'm going back to bed to catch up on my own dreams! 


New Spirit Journal - June 2014

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Dream Interpretation

For those in the Seattle area pick up a copy of the June issue of New Spirit Journal to read my article on why we dream. It's also available online at New Spirit Journal.

- Michael