Timelines in Dreams

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Past, Present & Future

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What follows is a script written as input for the radio show. What went out live on-air differs from this as there are interjections, questions and answers, dreams analyzed as part of the piece and other significant deviations. You can listen to the original audio here.

Have you ever wondered when your dream is set. What point in your life is the dream referencing? Is it talking about your past, predicting your future or commenting on your present? While the timeline is not immediately obvious to our waking mind after we exit the dream state, it is still very easy to glean from the dream.
Knowing the point in life that a dream is referencing is very important to a dream analyst, indeed any therapist, as it accurately timelines the events connected to the subject matter in question. If a dream shows you first pushed people away at age 3 because mom didn’t know how to show unconditional love, we have struck gold in terms of knowing the root cause and therefore ideal ways to heal that trauma. The impact of this in your life today will be shown separately in the dream but by connecting the two your dream gives the key to resolving today’s issue.
Knowing the events and timeline are hugely significant for dealing with traumas but dreams also predict how a specific choice, if made today, will bring happiness. I tend to focus on root causes of problems because of the work I do with clients. 

Let’s take a scenario. Say your higher self wants to heal you of an issue that happened at age 7. It cannot just place a 1972 calendar on the wall. It’s just not how it works. That’s our language! The dreamscape is a living canvas constantly being repainted. The date on the calendar would change if you looked at it twice.
So here are some of the methods that work. A dream can indicate age 7 by it taking place on the 7th floor of a building. Actually it doesn’t even need to take place on the 7th floor. The 7th floor can just feature in the dream. For instance, trying to cross a busy street while aware someone is watching you from the 7th floor of the building behind you. The 7th floor is the dream commenting on the 7th year in the story of your life with the pun on storey being intended. This is sufficient to tell us to relate everything else in the dream to this time in your life. In this example the dream tells us that a current career step is impacted by something you witnessed at age 7. Knowing the age tells us a lot as you, the dreamer, already know the events that happened at that age. Perhaps your parents separated, maybe you moved to a new city and lost your best friend. The point is, from the context provided by the dream, we know what we need to look at. 
Seven children playing, or not playing, just being there in the dream is another technique to indicate age 7. The children bring it back to your childhood and the number of children focus the lens of the dream. If there were a group of 3 children and another group of 4 we don’t add them. This focuses the dream on your childhood from age 3 to age 4. Typically the children are behind you or to your left as both locations indicate the past (actually I’ll come back to the left). Behind you always indicates the past in a dream. Think of the expression, “You need to put that behind you” and the meaning is clear. Last week we talked about running from things behind you. Now it is clearer why we can say those dreams are about issues in your past. If we want to be pedantic we can say that a dream rarely highlights an issue in the past. You can only live in the present so it is an issue in the present triggered by something that happened in your past. If the issue was truly in your past, meaning you’ve gotten over it, you wouldn’t be having the dream about it NOW. The dream’s placement of the issue behind you attempts to get you to let go of it and leave it in the past where it belongs. Sometimes easier said than done!
If behind you is the past then in front of you is the future. This is a really important one to look for as it tells you whether you have time to do something about the subject matter of the dream. Driving your car and seeing an accident ahead in the distance warns that you are heading towards a crash with regard to the subject matter of the dream. Coming across an accident around the corner means the same thing. It is still in your future. Again we have expressions that match the meaning in dreams. You know what I mean if I ask, “What’s on the road ahead for you?” or if I say, “Keep your chin up, you never know what’s around the corner!” You know they both refer to your future. You also know it in your dreams. Incidentally, a crash in a dream simply means something is going to go wrong. It doesn’t literally mean a crash. 
Something immediately ahead of you is something you’re being asked to deal with right now. For instance, to dream of an angry man blocking your path tells you that dealing with anger issues around dad is necessary NOW for you to move forward in life.
Your left in a dream can indicate your female aspect but it can also indicate the past. We all have good and bad traits but rarely see our own. For this reason dreams often place people on your left who exhibit similar traits to the ones that hold you back. The request being for you to eliminate these traits. Literally put those traits in your past. Likewise people with traits you’re being asked to adopt can be placed to your right – the right, in this case, indicates your future, including immediate future.
Left and right are kind of an advanced topic in dreams. If the left is the past and the right is the future then making a right turn at a T junction in your dream is a good thing. It is you making a choice that aligns with your future by going to the right. Taking a left at the same point would alert you that something you’re doing is taking you backwards in life because you’re symbolically heading into your past. That’s very straight forward but assumes, like most people, you’re living life on the karmic path.
Let’s leave left and right alone and look for some other easier timeline references in dreams. An old world setting such as a castle goes right back in your timeline – past your entrance into this life and into a previous incarnation. Didn’t expect that did you? Here, your higher-self is showing you the issue or the spiritual gift that you need to work on actually comes from a different life time. Each of our incarnations is designed to eliminate baggage to allow more light. Sometimes the work we started in one lifetime is not complete and continues in this one.
Far more common in dreams is to show birth in this lifetime. This timeline is shown by so many symbols I couldn’t cover them all here. We’ve had some before: an airplane landing indicates birth. An airplane crashing can indicate a traumatic birth. A ship berthing in a harbour indicates your birth (with the pun intended). Movement from a high location to a low one can indicate moving from the spirit world to the physical and therefore birth. An example is dreaming of going to the ground floor in an elevator. How people react to you when you step off the elevator is indicative of how mom and dad reacted to your arrival. 
Arriving on a train platform is also about birth – you’ve just arrived and are now ready to start your journey. A dream that takes place on a train, especially if you use the word carriage, is also about being in the womb. Entering a house or building is about you entering the womb. Exiting the building is your birth. Literally this shows you coming into the physical. Frequently in dreams about birth you find you have almost no strength to get through the door or window when exiting. Often times the door is missing from the door frame in these dreams.
Let’s finish with one of the easiest methods for determining the timeline of your dream. Dreaming of a child who is a particular age is a very common method for setting the time frame in your dream. If you dream of your two year old son the dream is focusing on your male aspect (because the child is a boy) and showing that your male aspect is affected today by something that happened at age 2. So whatever age the child is in your dream – that’s the age you’re being brought back to. Whatever gender they are tells you the aspect you’re to look at.
In closing I need to point out that I’ve repeatedly said the dream brings you back to age X years because that’s most often the intention of the dream. But if you dream of 3 girls the dream could also be bringing you to age 3 months. Dreams exaggerate – so this is common. For instance, if you nearly drowned at age 10 you could dream of a 100 foot tidal wave sweeping towards your house. When you see large numbers like this just knock off a zero and accept it is there to show how impactful the event was at the remaining age.
Heidi: Okay, you can’t just leave that karmic path reference hanging there. Is the left not always the past? And the right not always the future?
Michael: Here’s how it works. The future in dreams is indicated by choices that align with your path. Most of us are living life on the karmic path. The karmic path is male energy. The right side in a dream is also male. So turning right in a dream while on the karmic path is you aligning with your path. Turning left is you moving out of alignment with your path. It’s probably safer to say right indicates the best way to go forward in life and the left indicates you going backwards.
That reverses when on the Dharmic path because the Dharmic path is governed by female energy. It’s like you just went beyond the speed of sound and the controls reverse. Turning left aligns with your path so indicates the correct choice for your future and turning right moves you out of alignment so indicates a wrong choice or you going backwards. 

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Conscious Wellness EXPO - July 25

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Meet Michael Sheridan, Heidi Brooke and Susan Pullen at the Conscious Wellness EXPO in Kent. With over 78 exhibitors and speakers there is sure to be more than one good reason to come. Michael is giving a talk at the event at 2pm. Admission is free.

Come say hello and drop a dream off for the show.

Here is Rochelle Harris telling us what to expect at the show

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Radio Interview with Susan Pullen

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

On Tuesday April 28th on "So, You Think You're Awake?" I interviewed Susan Pullen and explored how her dreams have led her to the fulfilling work she does today. Several of her dreams were interpreted during the interview.

Susan is a fellow dream interpreter and also has a range of other skills she has melded together into her own unique offering.

You can find out more about Susan at http://true-radiance.com/ 

KKNW Seattle radio (1150 on the AM dial). 3pm PT

DREAM: Bird gives me a feather

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

I did this dream at the end of Tuesday's show and promised a more comprehensive analysis so here it is.


In the dream a very high flying bird pulled the largest feather from it's body and flew down and gave it to me. I was in the back of a car being driven by my sister and her husband. The bird gave me the feather through the left window I was sitting at. I had to partially open it to take it. The bird sort of winked or smiled at me while giving the feather - like he knew I didn't expect it. The bird was VERY happy. We were all stunned and laughing with wonder at what just happened.


This is probably one of the best dreams you can have. The bird is your higher-self and the dream shows that the goals you are pursuing (driving in a car) are connecting you with your higher-self. Actually, just like in the dream, it is the other way around. Your higher-self holds back until it determines that connecting with you is a wise thing to do. It obviously is! Just remain open to letting your higher self connect (you open the window in the dream). It is a female energy connection (left).

Expect really good things from here on as you're on the Dharmic path now.

(c) Copyright Michael Sheridan 2015

Dream: A Seattle Seahawk is gay

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

I did this dream at the end of Tuesday's show and promised a more comprehensive analysis so here it is.


In my dream there are lots of people gathering together…we are at a social function that I have helped to organize. I am there with my partner and it seems like some of my work colleagues are there too. Everyone is excited because a Seattle Seahawks’ star player is there and he’s offering free copies of his new book to everyone in attendance. I don’t know or see the title of the book, but I can see that the cover is bright green, yellow, and orange. He’s very excited to be sharing his book with everybody. I’m talking to him and he offers me a copy, but I tell him that I already have one. Then he introduces me to the man he’s with and tells me that he is his partner. Immediately I understand that he in gay (although I don’t think he really is…??). But in my dream, I am secretly happy about this because I know it will shock some people and I think the people it will shock NEED to be shocked. A short while later, my partner comes over to me and asks who the man is with the Seahawk’s player and I share what I know. My partner is visibly upset by this news, but when the star player comes over, my partner hides it well and remains polite and personable and takes the book that he offers him.


I was actually in a same-sex relationship for 5 ½ years (after I divorced). I still identify as bi-sexual, although I haven’t been with a woman since I’ve been with my current partner.


As usual the analysis will be obvious but probably not what you first thought. This points back to your father issues and fears about playing the game of life (football) that come from him. At the same time the dreams shows you overcoming those fears because the player comes out which pretty much is him symbolically saying, "I am not afraid to be intimate with my male side in public". Male side has t to do with confidence, belief in yourself, career and feeling worthy of the space you occupy (having a right to exist).

It uses your bisexuality as a backdrop for feelings. Your partner is not happy with it so this means you're still not completely happy with the new male energy intimacy you are bringing into your being. You've already got the book so this is now a done deal. In fact already having the book is the best part of the dream. Your partner displays your previous issues on the surface to you and then suppresses it when the player is around. i.e. I don't really like being intimate with my male side. I'd rather the old me.

Now to the part that you did think it was about. You're not to suppress your sexuality to please others. You don't have to be active but you should always admit to yourself that you are attracted to women too.


This dreamer is nearly finished the process of cutting the ties with her father. This dream shows that the process has worked.

(c) Copyright Michael Sheridan 2015

Dream: Break-In at the Old Folk's Home

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

I did this dream on So, You Think You're Awake? yesterday but was rushed for time during the analysis. This is an attempt to do it justice. I liked this dream because Jerry Seinfeld's appearance in it immediately puzzled me. You have to know he is significant! Here's the dream.


I was in an old folks home. I was lying in my room in bed when I noticed a young woman breaking in through the window. I knew she intended to cause harm to the facility and the people inside. She thought I was senile and told me she was there to give me my pills. I told her OK and she threw what she called "Fat Pills" and a "Pain Killer" at me on the bed. I told her thank you for the pills. She went out my front door into the hall and after she was gone I ran to the phone to call the front desk. The first phone I got to did not work. I ran to a different room in my area and found a phone on the desk. I tried dialing it few times and could not get anyone to answer. I finally found the phone number I needed to dial, but instead of numbers, it was a series of shapes and colors. I noticed that the shapes and colors corresponded to the numbers on the phone itself, but I could not seem to figure it out. Finally I decided to just go down stairs to the reception area. I ran down a hall way to the elevator. I noticed that Jerry Seinfeld (from the Seinfeld show) was behind me with a bunch of other people. He was wearing a tuxedo. I pressed the button for the elevator.


It's a classic but the old folk is the dreamer's parent - mother in particular (the reasons will become obvious). The home represents the body and the living quarters within another home represent the womb. Since the home belongs to the dreamer's mother (old folk's home) it become's obvious the dream is about pre-birth and everything else will refer to that. For completeness there are other symbols that confirm this. Both the hallway and the elevator also symbolise the womb and exiting by the front door and going down a stairs to the reception desk symbolise birth and reception at birth. There is no doubting now! An interesting symbol is the pills, in this context they can be indicative of contraception and a break-in while supposedly on 'the pill' could indicate an unexpected pregnancy.

So now we know the context we can tell that the woman is both mom and the dreamer's female side. More specifically it indicates how mom's reaction to being pregnant affected the dreamer's female side. We have the woman throwing things. This means mom was hurtful (mom threw things at me but made out it was for my own good). The pain killers tell us that the dreamer has suppressed pain from this time of his life. When we see it in the dream it means we are being asked to deal with it in reality. The fat pills are interesting and tell us that his mother didn't like the weight she put on during pregnancy. Armed with all this, the third sentence of the dream almost interprets itself. It was the dreamer's perception that the woman (mom) intended to cause harm (hurt / pain) to the people inside (the dreamer developing in her womb). Now we understand why he suppressed his feelings - to subdue the emotional pain.

So we already have enough to say the dreamer must cut-the-ties with his mother but we still get more from the dream. The problems with the phones tell us that difficulty with communication is the result of this painful start and suppression of that pain. We must stick with the female aspects because that's what the dream shows so communication here is expression of feelings rather than intellectual expression. Problems with two phones backs this up as two in dreams has to do with sharing and is enough to even indicate the impact is on the dreamer's relationship. It is important to note that because the dreamer's partner is not in the dream the foundation for difficulties with emotional expression in the relationship is way back when the dream says, so the dreamer will not have to trade his partner in for a more understanding model! I'm joking - just introducing humour to keep a heavy subject light.

Now we come to Jerry Seinfeld. What could he possibly mean in this dream? Note this part is at the reception desk so in the timeline of the dream the dreamer is just born. Jerry Seinfeld is behind him so at the time of birth the dreamer had already adopted the traits he stands for. Namely the dreamer is strongly intellectual (that's what a TV personality means). He's smart! The catch is that he uses his intellect too much and rationalises in situations where it is better to express and / or listen to his feelings. The problem, of course, is that the early life training in suppression of feelings means he doesn't feel his feelings at full strength so that pretty much makes it impossible to be open with them. Again, to remove this suppression simply cut-the-ties with mother and you're heart will be yours to enjoy again.

The tuxedo, being black and white, tells us that something is going on right now in the dreamer's life that he see's intellectually as black and white. This is even likely to be a general trait but look to relationship (because of the 2 phones) and realise your black and white view is due to this early childhood conditioning. Another way to say the same thing is that the tuxedo represents the dreamer taking something formally (i.e. following protocol rather than feeling). Now we get to why Jerry. He's a comedian particularly noted for observational humour, often focusing on personal relationships and uncomfortable social obligations. His presence tells us that the dreamer's tendency to feel awkward in social settings has the same root cause. Remember though, the dreamer is smart so unless you read this dream you're not likely to ever know he has this issue in social settings. I've already covered relationships so won't go back into that. Jerry's presence would almost be enough to tell us the whole point of the dream but he is also a positive character. It tells us that the dreamer, through the eyes of an intellectual, sees the world with a clarity that most don't and among other things this allows him to bring humour to situations. He may not always voice his humorous take on things but he has it.


How was that for a nice positive end to what must have otherwise seemed like a slap down analysis? The reality is we all have issues and our dreams are constantly asking all of us to work on them. We pick out biggest issues up in childhood. This is by design and we pick up exactly what we need to pick up. It is through working on these issues that we grow spiritually and that's the point of the experience of physical life. A wise person knows their limitations and our dreams attempt to make us wise. Once a dream shows us a limitation we no longer need to keep it. We can do any of a number of therapies to eliminate it. Sometimes just the knowledge of the source of the limitation is enough to overcome it. Dreams attempt to wake us up to what we need to work on. Working on these issues is part of our life purpose. With free will we have the choice to do nothing about them and go back to sleep but who wants to do that?

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Radio Interview October 31 - Scary Dreams

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Meet Me at Mill Creek/Bothell Psychic Fair

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