The Answer to your Dreams 2

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

From previous columns you may recall that dreams focus on the weakest aspect of our functioning at the present time. This may be a weakness in our physical body, such as an allergy to a food or a problem in our relationship. While this may seem negative, the purpose of each dream is to guide us to a solution for a problem that exists whether we believe that the problem exists or not. We don't even need to be consciously aware of the problem. Ignoring their message is refusing to accept a divine helping hand.

Two of the dreams I'm including here have a spiritual dimension. Most of us accept we have Spiritual (soul) and physical sides but what percentage of our time is dedicated to Spiritual expression or advancement? Spirituality is expression of the soul and includes religion, music, art, culture, poetry, dance, literature, religion, mysticism, psychic expression, spiritual gifts, channelling, spiritual healing, meditation, prayer and more.

I was wearing 3 rings on my last 3 fingers. They were very thin. 2 of them were made of silver and 1 was made of gold. I don't know who gave these rings to me or why.

INTERPRETATION: You are being asked to take on hand (number 3 and location of rings) the development of two Spiritual Gifts. You are Psychic (silver). This manifests as an inner knowing about things. Sometimes the feeling is strong and comes for no apparent reason. Learn to trust this. The rings being thin indicate that you limit this ability. The second ability is that of Spiritual Healing (gold), also known as Hands-on Healing. This gift is also being limited (ring is thin). Three rings make this dream a request to commit to developing these abilities. There are two silver ones because psychic powers work through our female energy (2 is the first female number). There is one gold one because healing works through our male energy (1 is the first male number). If this all seems unclear right now the newsletters will explain it all in issues to come.

COMMENT: Nichola's next step is to accept that she has these gifts and commit to developing them. The climate for doing this has improved in recent years with many inexpensive courses available to help along this path. The following are relevant for this dreamer.

I dreamt I was to become a Deaconess of my church.

INTERPRETATION: This dream is asking you to share your spiritual knowledge with others. This request is not made of everybody so respect the fact that you are being asked to do this. How and when you share it is up to you. You will be given opportunities to do so. When others ask you questions don't hold back. If you feel you can help then do so. The dream is not asking you to become religious. Rather, view the deaconess as a spiritual leader. This is what you are.

COMMENT: Elizabeth's next step is to share her spiritual knowledge with others. People who need her wisdom will subconsciously seek her out. Spiritual leadership comes from the heart and is part of our female aspect. As a consequence people with this gift tend to dream about female leaders.

SARAH'S DREAM: I was with friends in a van and we stopped in a bleak area of town. There was a small, dingy, stray mutt that immediately caught my attention, and I knew I had to have this dog. I felt great love for this animal and hugged and kissed it all the way home. But, when I got home the dog was a small boy with brown hair and eyes, and I felt the same strong affection for this child. The boy was dirty and covered in scrapes so I took him into my bathroom and was cleaning his wounds. He asked me if he could live with me forever and I was happy and crying. Then I realized that I may not be able to take this child and did not really know where he came from, and was afraid I would be in trouble for taking him. I was explaining this to the boy and he began growing older right before my eyes and was laughing that I thought he was a child. This part of the dream was disturbing.

INTERPRETATION: The dream is asking you to rescue your animal side through inner child work. You were injured, not necessarily physically, at age 2 or 3 and you lost a sense of fun in life as a result. You need to get over these scrapes in the past. The result will be a much stronger feeling of self-love. The animals and the child represent aspects of you. The strong feeling of love for them is very healing. The dream reveals your experience and philosophy as a child. The older the person the less they respected or understood your feelings (older boy laughing at you). The boy represents dad in your case. This still holds you back from loving yourself. Realize that you are unique and worthy of being loved.

Cutting the ties with dad would be appropriate. Read Cutting the Ties That Bind.

COMMENT: Sarah's next step is to accept her animal side through loving her human nature and having fun. This type of dream is indicative of somebody who feels more comfortable with spiritual things than human life. I always find it refreshing that dreams remind us to respect and enjoy our human nature too.

MARY'S DREAM: I walked into a new pentagon shaped bedroom I had just designed. There were two small bedrooms off it and one large communal area in the middle.

INTERPRETATION: You are being asked to change your view of your femininity (bedroom). A persistently negative view can ultimately lead to health problems with your reproductive system (indicated by the shape of the room, with the two small bedrooms representing the ovaries and the communal bed the uterus). COMMENT: Our society has lost contact with the gift of being a woman. There are many ways for souls to leave this planet in death, but there is only one way for a soul to enter. Women are the only doorway from the spirit world to this world. Mary's step is to respect herself as a woman. See my article The Reproductive System for more.

EDITOR'S NOTE: When I first interpreted Mary's dream, for a newspaper column, I was asked to remove it as references to femininity and women's health would not be received well by an American audience. Regardless of how I tried to spin it my editor still considered it too brash. I was stunned but complied with the request.

My goal, however, is to open people's minds to what their life is about through an understanding of their dreams. Being solely responsible for this column's content I included it in my newsletter and asked readers this question.

Are you in favor of me covering dreams like Mary's in future issues?

PATRICIA'S DREAM: I was going to my dad's grave and about 3/4 of the way there I saw him on the side of the road. I stopped and he came up behind me and told me that I didn't need to go to the grave to talk to him and that I could talk to him anytime. At that time I was having a hard time and he told me that things would work out for the better. Can you tell me what this means?

COMMENT: What you experienced was an encounter on the astral plane. When we sleep we telepathically leave our bodies and can meet up with other souls on that plane. These souls do not have to be deceased. You could just as easily meet your best friend or child. People often assume these encounters are dreams but they are not. Their distinguishing feature is the dialogue and the simple nature of the message.

Spirits do not have any difficulty with 'hearing' us. Your father is telling you that he can hear you anytime you talk to him. You only have to think the message. He can also pick up on your feelings clearly. Your location is not important. With that being said you can now accept his message as it is. Things will work out for the better. Trust him. He can see the bigger picture from where he is.