Spiritual Growth - The Cycle

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

I wrote this as part of a response to a dream interpretation request from a young woman yesterday. I tidied it up a little to post it here.

There is a cycle to life, a bit of a roller coaster one but still a cycle. I don’t know what your perspective is on reincarnation so feel free to ignore parts of what I say. I don’t mean to jar against your beliefs but given the nature of your dream I think this will help. This is the basic sequence of the cycle.

Preparation in spirit

You are a spirit in the spirit world and having realised something is obscuring your awareness of who you are you ask for help to clear it. A guide works with you and the general plan of what you need to work on is established. With the specific goal(s) in mind family members are chosen, parents, siblings if any, best friends and a whole host of other characters who will play important parts in your life. The place of your birth / society you will live in is also chosen. The guides who will work with you for the duration of your life are also selected. They then work with you on rehearsing your life. You all go over the details of the plan. You give your guides permission to access details about your other earth lives. With all the research, rehearsal and planning you are well prepared to achieve the goals you have set. This part lasts years in the spirit world by the way. Your parents, of course, go ahead of you but they too have rehearsed their part in the plan, just as you would have with your future children. They are chosen because you already have a connection with them. We tend to incarnate with the same group of people for various reasons. One time you can be the daughter, another the mother or father, one time a victim, another time a perpetrator. The changing roles allow for the overall effect of not attaching and identifying too much with one role in life. It also allows the group members to repay karmic debts they may feel they owe to others in the group.


If your parents deviate too much from the plan of their lives you don’t bother coming here. When you make the attachment to a human body the brain blocks all previous knowledge and conditioning so in effect you are starting with a blank slate. However, the very dysfunctions that you have in the spirit world that you want to clear need to become manifest in your human form. To achieve that you pick the environment you will be born into and your parents very carefully. Say, for instance, you are overly anxious in the spirit world and that is what you want to eradicate. One way to do it is to adopt that trait on the physical plane but plan a way to clear it while here. To adopt it you must put yourself in an environment where you can copy that trait from someone else or you adopt it by your reaction to how someone else is. The someone else is 99% of the time going to be a parent as they are pretty much the full extent of your environment for your formative years. That is why I say you don’t come here if your parents are not the way they need to be for you to achieve your first goals in life. The point of that is that you can always be pretty certain that your early childhood went according to plan. Within the correctly chosen environment you will easily adopt the dysfunction you already own in spirit but need here. You adopt it easily because that is already part of your nature so with the right nudging you easily lean that way. Your guides are instrumental in this process too. While you have free will you have given them the needed permission to keep pushing you so that you achieve your major goals.

As a child we cannot reason. Our logic centres are not developed and we accept blindly what we are told by our parents. We also blame ourselves for any feelings of not being cared for as we feel we need to be. A child’s brain is naturally at the same level as a person in deep meditation. What goes in can lay a very deep track. The main point here is that the track is meant to be laid. 

At age 14 roughly, a process called myelination occurs and the brain becomes hard wired. Our conditioning becomes locked in so to speak. From a spiritual perspective we have then achieved one of our major goals and we are free to move from our early environment and still carry the dysfunction we need. Of course from the human perspective this seems nuts but you didn’t plan your life from this perspective. Your soul, the real you that animates your body, planned it.

Early Adulthood

The brain, and therefore your true character traits, are not fully formed until later. Spiritually you are not manifesting your full energy until around age 21. This is a time to live your life. Immerse yourself in being you. Normally you are not trying to fix anything at this stage because you need some experience. You need a bit of life under your belt. For instance, if your dysfunction only shows up in relationships you need to have a few relationships. You need to live a little so that you can sport the patterns. It is usually around age 28 that people take the first serious look at themselves and embark on personal development. Of course, that is not a mould and can be broken.


The whole reason you’re here is now possible. You’ve got the traits you need to eliminate and you find a way, usually with the help of others, to work through them. This is the part that is difficult on the spirit plane and why we come here. This stage almost always includes an appraisal of our childhood and our parents impact on us. It is not a one step process. We may go through several stages of working on ourselves but eventually we will be looking at our childhood. The reason is because we don’t tend to pick up additional issues once we can rationalise and after myelination. Major traumas can break that rule mind you.

When looking at our childhood we must identify the traits our parents have that affected us along with important events marking them. This is best done with a trained therapist. We can only look back at our childhood with our adult brain but it is not our adult brain that needs therapy. This will illustrate it and I pick an example that is not your case. Imagine at age 5 your mother died in a fire. As an adult even at age 22 you could look at that and remember it affected you but you cannot deal with it at age 22. For any therapy to be effective at dealing with something that happened you at age 5 it must also be effective for working with a 5 year old. How would you talk to a 5 year old that just lost her mother? Even 50 years later it is still the 5 year old within that person who was affected. Maybe I’ve gone off track? I hope not. But you are quite young to be looking for the meaning in your dreams and maybe you are not familiar with some of the cycle as I outlined it so I wanted to put it down here. In years to come this will be old hat because you will read sections of it everywhere.

I imagine that this feels like a slap in the face to you but this is the important point of it. Your life is on track. You are where you need to be. It took a lot of planning and careful orchestration of events to get you to exactly where you are now.