Dream: Treat for Old Lady in Nursing Home

Written by Michael Sheridan on .

Teo's Dream: July 25, 2012

I was sitting beside an old lady in a nursing home and as it was after dinner, I asked her would she like some jelly (jello in america) as i pointed to two trays of red jelly all neatly displayed in small tubs. She said yes ,so i then looked through a tin box of paperwork as she offered me a handful of cents from her purse to pay for the jelly. I realized it was silly to let her pay and the paperwork was tedious so I told her to put her money back in her purrse and she didnt have to pay. I felt I was a member of staff there.

The Analysis

Since visiting an old lady in a nursing home recently is a reality it is the treating her that stands out (giving her a treat). Also the jelly is laid out in an attractive way to entice acceptance of the treat so this is something the dream wants you to go for. Treat here is a pun on healing as in a doctor treats their patient.

You have to rule out the old lady representing your mum because of the expression but I'd say she represents you rejuvenating yourself to pick yourself up from feeling tired, old and run down. Gosh I hope I'm not loading it all on there. Dreams exaggerate of course. But the point is you are using your own spiritual healing ability in the dream to restore your energy.

The woman tries to give you money and again in the dream you specifically mention hand and that is another symbol for a healer. The problem is you don't take her money so we see the theme of you giving without taking in return. She hands you copper coins. That is a symbol of a rheumatic healer in particular. The underlying message is that it is just sense (cents) to accept payment.

While probably not obvious at first the symbols for healing are all over this dream. 

  1. Serving food (after dinner and serving jelly)
  2. Pun on treat
  3. Reference to hands
  4. Copper coins.

The paperwork is also part of reality but in the dream it is just an excuse used to not accept money from others. There could be any number of reasons for that but clearly the dream is asking you to change that.

The analysis above was done over a few emails with me asking questions. The last bit was wrapped up when Teo confirmed she's a Spiritual Healer but doesn't charge for it. She's also a medium (indicated by the two trays of jelly) but again, she doesn't charge for that. Teo, you're bank manager want's a word!