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Female 27.

Dreamer's Comment:

I am pregnant.


Mother's death

Dream: Mother's Death

I am 27 year old female and pregnant, last night I had a dream that my mother has passed away and I could not deal with it, my dad was being real standoffish in my dream and I could not deal with her death, I was wearing her clothes and having illusions that she was still alive. I just want to know why I dreamt that my mother was dead?


Death is a common trend in dreams and almost always alarms the dreamer when they recall the dream in the morning. However, when you remember from Rule 1 (see The Four Rules of Interpretation) that everything in the dream is you, you can be comforted to know that the dream is not about the death of your mother at all. The dream is simply saying that you need to let the influence your mother has over you die so that your true nature can find expression. Clothes in a dream represent attitudes so by wearing her clothes in the dream you are being told that you wear your mother's attitudes and that this in particular is what you are being asked to eliminate. You carry the same illusions about life that your mother does as these illusions were, in fact, passed down to you from her. You are most likely consciously aware of the negative traits your mother displays but might not have been aware that you copied these to some degree. Spirit is saying that in order for you to be yourself with your new baby and to not pass on the same hang-ups you picked up from your mother you will need to eliminate the negative influence she had on you.

Cutting the ties is a therapy I highly recommend but do make sure you go to somebody who is recommended or somebody you trust. The whole process will take up to two months and you do hit some rough patches during it.

Best wishes with the pregnancy.

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